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April 13, 2019

Remember Claire in 'My Wife & Kids'? Her Adorable 10-Year-Old Daughter Is Following in Her Footsteps

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"My Wife and Kids" actress Jennifer Freeman's young daughter is taking her first steps in her own acting career.

Fans of the ABC sitcom "My Wife and Kids" will best remember luscious actress Jennifer Freeman as Claire, Kyle's middle child. More than a decade after the show ended, Freeman is now a lovely mature woman and the mother of a budding actress.

Jennifer Freeman on June 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


From child star to a loving mom

The "Kids" have all grown up, and fans of the series would be hard put to recognize Michael Jr., Franklin, Claire or little Kady.

Freeman is now the doting mom of Isabella Amora Watson whom she shares with ex-husband, basketball coach Earl Watson.


Recovering from a failed marriage

Freeman married Watson in 2009, and the couple divorced in 2015, amidst a bitter dispute, which included allegations of domestic abuse. Freeman was awarded custody of the couple's only child, Isabella.

Isabella Watson co-starred with her famous actress mom in a Christmas romantic comedy, "Throwback Holiday."


Following in her mom's footsteps

In December 2018, Freeman announced her daughter's acting debut on her Instagram page, starring alongside her mom in a Christmas movie:

"My daughter Isabella makes her acting debut tonight! Check her out tonight in Throwback Holiday on @bet at 8pm. ❤️"


Proud mom of a budding actress

Freeman is clearly proud of her lovely and intelligent daughter, and it looks as if young Isabella is on her way to consolidating an acting career.

Isabella is a lot like her famous mom, and not just in her good looks. We look forward to seeing a lot more of this young lady in the future.


Isabella co-stars with her mom Jennifer Freeman

Isabella Watson co-starred with her famous actress mom in a Christmas romantic comedy, "Throwback Holiday," directed by Trey Haley, and starring in the main roles Jennifer Freeman, Robert Ri'chard,  Rhyon Nicole Brown, and Jean Elie.

In "Throwback Holiday," Freeman is Jacqueline is an unhappily married woman who, through a Christmas miracle, gets to go back to high school and do over some of her choices.


Isabella stars as her mom's screen daughter, and dad Earl Watson sent her a special message in honor of her debut:

"I’ve loved you before I’ve known your name, danced with you since birth & will always adore you beyond merit! Congrats on your first acting role that airs tonight! I love you mucho mucho! -dad"

Congratulations to Earl Watson and Jennifer Freeman for their lovely daughter.