Patti LaBelle Is Rumored to Have Much Younger Man & She Was Hanging out with His Adorable Daughter

Patti LaBelle proves her relationship with her much-younger boyfriend is going well as she dances with his daughter in a fun clip he shared. They were joined by her granddaughter whose father is reportedly opposed to her romance. 

Patti LaBelle’s much younger boyfriend recently shared a clip of the singer and his children hanging out. Their relationship appears to have settled beautifully.

It was three years ago when news of Patti LaBelle’s younger lover hit headlines. At the time, she had already been secretly dating him for a year and a half and it seems the couple is still going strong today.

Patti met Eric Seats when she hired him as her drummer several years back but they only began dating in 2014. The 74-year-old had just broken up with another younger man and she instantly connected with the 44-year-old who helped her in healing her broken heart. 

They bonded over their shared interest in music. Aside from being a successful drummer who toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott, Eric was also a music producer for Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, 702, and Tank. 

Eventually, Eric moved to Philadelphia from Los Angeles to be closer to an ecstatic Patti. She reportedly enjoyed having him around her regularly and even has a big portrait of the two of them hanging on her bedroom wall. Many who witnessed Patti with Eric believed she was happiest with him and never that happy before.

Unfortunately, Patti’s son and manager, Zuri Edwards didn’t share the sentiment. He was opposed to the relationship for fear his mother would end up getting hurt again. Her last relationship with a younger man broke her to pieces. 

Zuri is Patti’s only biological child, a product of her 31-year marriage to Armstead Edwards. She adopted four other children, two from her sister who died of cancer and two more from her neighbor who died of pneumonia. 

Although Zuri is averse to her relationship with Eric, Patti continues to spend a lot of time with him. They usually spend holidays together and would host dinners where she would serve her famous Sweet Potato Pies. 

But while Zuri has yet to warm up to Eric, Eric’s daughter appears to have accepted Patti quite nicely. A recent clip he shared is proof of how the award-winning singer has won her heart. In the clip, Patti delights in learning a few dance moves from the little girl during the celebration of her granddaughter, Gia’s birthday. Eric could be heard laughing in the background, enjoying the moment. 

“When your kid is showing an icon a few new dance moves...,” Eric wrote. “Happy birthday Gia!.”

Gia who just turned 4 is Zuri’s daughter with his wife Lona. Patti dotes on her as well her one-year-old sister Leyla. If you look through her Instagram, you’d find clips and photos of the little girls. 

Ahead of Gia’s birthday, “GlamMa” Patti spent time with her granddaughters at Disney World. In Gia’s Instagram account, a clip of the singer showed her looking forward to seeing Mickey and Minnie and Elsa as she sat next to Gia inside a vehicle on the way to the theme park.  But the funny clip also revealed she intended to see Big Bird. Lona reminded her that the Sesame Street favorite was not going to be there because he wasn’t a Disney character. Patti’s reaction was priceless. 

Months before that. Patti was at the front and center of Leyla's 1st birthday celebration. In footage shared on Gia's Instagram, Patti clearly delighted in being around her family as she did the honor of cutting Leyla's cake after singing her the birthday song.  

Though Patti is very much into her relationship with Eric, she is first and foremost a loving grandmother. That is what most likely helped in healing her strained relationship with her son after being on bad terms due to her boyfriend. 

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