Joke: Man Goes to the Doctor Thinking That His Wife Is Going Deaf

The loss of hearing makes life difficult not only for those who suffer from it but also for the partner they have in their lives. According to experts, partners of people who are becoming deaf suffer frustration and anger due to the problems that arise in communication.

It must be taken into consideration that these people besides having to deal with the lack of communication, they have to deal with television at full volume and they must raise their voices constantly and repeat everything they say in order to be heard.

Some people also describe that they have felt socially isolated or that they have to attend events alone since their deaf spouse leaves the place or prefers not to attend a meeting for fear that they will not be able to hear what others are saying, nor can they take part on the conversation.

Although the diagnosis is simple and there are a large number of devices on the market to help people who are experiencing hearing loss, it may be difficult for the person to assume that they are becoming deaf.

That's why we bring this joke today, keep reading to see what a husband does when he realizes that his wife has not been answering to him when he speaks to her and decides to take her to the family doctor to see what is going on. 

Upon reaching the specialist's consultation, the man talks to the family doctor and explains: "Doc, I think my wife is deaf".

The doctor quickly understands the situation and responds: "Well, here is something you can try with her to evaluate her hearing, keep some distance from her and ask her a question, if she does not answer, come a little closer and ask again. Repeat this until she answers, then you can determine how deaf she is."

Senior lady smiling at the camera l Source: Pixabay

Senior lady smiling at the camera l Source: Pixabay

The man goes home and decides to try the doctor's suggestion as soon as possible so he goes through the door and says in a clear voice: "Honey, what’s for dinner?"

He does not hear any response, so he goes a little closer to her and asks again: "Honey, what’s for dinner?"

Still no response.

He repeats this several times until he is standing just a few feet away from her.

Finally, she responds,

"For the eleventh time, I said we’re having MEATLOAF!"

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