Remember 'Flavor of Love's Tiffany 'New York' Pollard? She Causes a Stir with New Face & Complexion

Before Kim Kardashian, Tiffany was the queen of reality TV. But now, the reality TV star looks unrecognizable in new photos that were posted on her Instagram page. 

It is evident that Tiffany got a nose job, a brow lift, chin implants, and even maybe a traditional facelift. The TV star has been under the needle before for other surgeries like her remarkable boobs job which was definitely not done well. This was presumed because of her appearance on the "E!" reality series Botched back in 2015 to fix her "jacked up" boob job. 

She also revealed that country singer Dolly Parton was the inspiration for her breast implants. 

Most of her fans, however, came for her and regarded her new look as "botched." Most people revealed that she looked different and not in a very enticing way. 

Tiffany Pollard popularly known as "New York" (nicknamed by "Flavor of Love" co-star and rapper, Flavor Flav) in a 2011 interview with "VladTV," stated that her reality TV career, "Flavor of Love" was going to reappear for the third season but was cancelled due to "unfortunate circumstances."

Tiffany later started an independent career after she failed to win over her co-star Flavor Flav's heart twice. Even though Flavor Flav turned her down twice on national TV, she still revealed in 2015 that she still wanted him. 


"Flav was performing … not to long ago," she said when asked if she'd seen him recently. "We had some really great laughs. We had our moments. We caught up with each other. It felt like we never left each other's side."

 And then much to the horror of everyone, she said this:

"I'm so attracted to him, still. I can't lie. He's just so hot. He's sexy, yes." Some things never change" she revealed to VH1.

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