President Donald Trump Outraged the Public After Mentioning the Economy in His Easter Message

Donald Trump tweeted an Easter greeting to his followers, followed by a subtle laud of the “economy that is the talk of the world.” Social media users were not pleased and lashed out through replies to his tweet. 

President Donald Trump strikes again through a Twitter post that attracted backlash on social media. In celebration of the Easter season, Trump tweeted a greeting to his followers on Sunday, that included the current state of the economy, which he was proud of.

After greeting everyone a “Happy Easter,” Trump went on to gloat about the “economy that is the talk of the world and may be stronger than it has been before,” referring to the economy under his administration.

Although his supporters took the post positively, many other Twitter users did not have it with his tweet that quickly gained criticism who thought it was inappropriate to talk about the economy during a holy celebration. One tweet sarcastically read:

“No one could have predicted that our best president ever would make the commemoration of the resurrection of Christ all about the imaginary good job he’s doing.”


“This isn’t an Easter message. This is a message from a narcissist who isn’t capable of showing compassion or empathy for anyone else,” another said.

Despite the negative feedback, the president continued with his Easter celebration with a Sunday morning service at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, the same church where he got married in 2005, with his wife, Melania Trump, and daughter, Tiffany.

Before attending service, Trump tweeted about the awful terrorist attack in Sri Lanka that killed over 207 people and injuring more than 600. He vowed, “we stand ready to help!” He also posted a series of tweets regarding the Democrat’s reaction regarding the Muller report.

Just as Trump was active on Twitter during Easter Sunday, former President Barack Obama also had a few kind words to spare, greeting everyone a happy Easter. Unlike Trump, the responses Obama got were overflowing with positivity.

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