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April 25, 2019

Lara Trump Reveals Her Baby Bump in an Easter Family Photo with Luke

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Lara Trump, 36, posted a family photo on Instagram, showing her five-month baby bump, during the Trump family Easter celebration in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The Trump family is getting bigger as Lara Trump awaits her second child with her husband and son of the current US president, Eric Trump, after five months of pregnancy. She made the big announcement on April 10.

The 36-year-old showed her tiny baby bump in the photos she posted on her Instagram account, during their family getaway at Mar-a-Lago resort. The post included a family portrait with their one-year-old son, Luke, standing in front of palm trees.


The beautiful family was all dressed up with Lara wearing a multi-colored vertically striped maxi dress, gray pointy heels, and bright red lipstick. Eric was in a suit with a blue tie, and little Luke was in a white button-down shirt, pink pants, and sneakers.

Previously, Lara posted her pregnancy reveal, which included a photo of her family and their dogs, Charlie and Ben, saying they “can’t wait to become big brothers,” while Eric made the big announcement on his Twitter account.


Lara, who is also the senior adviser to the president’s reelection campaign, believes that her father-in-law is doing a great job as president. In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” she firmly said that Trump is one of the “greatest president’s we’ve ever had.”


She thinks that they are on the “right side of history” when asked about the criticisms regarding President Donald Trump. She said:

“We all sleep well at night knowing that we’re behind a man who is leading this country in the right direction, who will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. So we know we’re doing the right thing and fighting for the right thing.”

As a senior adviser, Lara also believes that the fallout from the Muller’s report release of the special counsel will not affect their reelection campaign. She disclosed that the Obama administration should be a bit worried as it may be revealed that they were “spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.