Joanna Gaines Reveals No. 1 Major Mistake People Usually Do in Decorating Their Homes

Rebelander Basilan
May 05, 2019
05:45 A.M.
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Joanna Gaines has shared what she thinks is one major decorating mistake – clutter.


The “Fixer and Upper” star has released a new book that would help everyone be more intentional about the stuff they put in their spaces, as reported by Domino.  


“Sometimes people can’t see what they need a space to be, because there’s just so much stuff. Or, they move in and have to hurry up and fill the home, and it feels like it was thrown together,” she said.  

She continued, “What I’d love for this book to help others with—and even myself (I’m always challenging myself)—is to ask, ‘Is this just more stuff,’ or is this something that in ten years you’ll look back and go, ‘Oh, this is the thing that reminds me of a trip I took back when…'” Most importantly: Decorate your home with thoughtful pieces. “It doesn’t have to be across the board (because that can be really hard).”  

“But be intentional about it,” she added.


"I wanted it to feel practical and fun and that’s what I’m hoping people take away—that it’s a nudge in the right direction."

The designer and TV star’s second book, “Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave” has officially hit bookstores. Around the same time last year, she released her much-celebrated cookbook, “Magnolia Table.”


Her design book walks readers through six core styles – farmhouse, modern, rustic, industrial, traditional, and boho. From there, the book introduces 22 different homes, room-by-room, that represent a range of styles.

“I know that, with a lot of my clients who I’ve worked with in the past, design can be somewhat intimidating, so I wanted it to feel practical and fun and that’s what I’m hoping people take away—that it’s a nudge in the right direction,” Joanna said.  

Joanna lives with her husband, Chip, and their five children in their Waco farmhouse.

Last year, she opened up about her fifth pregnancy, saying it was a wonderful surprise. It had been seven years since she and Chip had their youngest child.