April 29, 2019

White House Posts Bizarre Photo of Melania Trump on Her Birthday

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Fans were left confused after the White House posted a bizarre picture of Melania Trump to celebrate the First Lady's birthday. Many questioned the selection process behind the image.

A photo tweeted by the White House on First Lady Melania Trump's birthday raised questions on social media. The tweet from the White House wished her a happy birthday on her 49th birthday.

Melania sat all alone on the far end of a couch while staring into the distance. She was surrounded by an army of photographers and reporters in the Oval Office who seemed focused on someone else in the room. 


The image generated more than 8,000 comments. The white house had captioned the lonely picture with a simple message that read,

"Happy Birthday, @FLOTUS!"

The awkward looking photo was photoshopped into numerous memes and many Twitter users questioned the White House's image choice.  Many felt the First Lady looked  "all alone" on her birthday.


"Where are her child and husband?" one tweet said in response to the photo.

Another went on to point out that using the image for a birthday post was a very strange choice. They wrote:

"I don’t understand why the White House would post such a sad, lonely photo of Melania for her birthday," another Twitter user said. "Regardless what I think of her and her family, this is just weird."


The photo was reportedly captured during Donald's Trump meeting with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in Washington last month. In the picture, members of the media seem focused on Trump and the Czech PM while the First Lady sits alone on the couch.

In sharp contrast to the White House post, the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared a smiling photo of the first lady. She wished her a happy birthday and called her "a great representative for our country."


Melania spent her birthday at a private dinner in the White House with her husband and Japan's first couple, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie. 

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director said: “There will be a dinner celebration in the residence. The Abe's will attend.”

Last year, Melania spent her birthday in the White House residence with her family and her husband had publicly wished her a happy birthday during a phone interview with “Fox & Friends.”