'Blue Bloods': How Far the Show Is from Real Cops

Comfort Omovre
May 07, 2019
01:27 A.M.
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CBS has a new hit show on the block titled “Blue Bloods,” which profiles a family of cops and their daily lives. The show may have to take some tips from a real-life family of NYPD cops who share an interesting heritage.


If you are an ardent follower of CBS, then you will know about its new TV series titled “Blue Bloods.” The series is fast becoming a hit show among many fans especially members of the Police Force.


It focuses on a family in which all of its members are police officers. The series may only be a figment of fiction, but in real life, it may have met its match and much more. The New York Police Department has in its ranks, members of a family with a growing heritage of having cops.

The Baumeister Family may be a simple one, but all of its members seem to have “Blue Blood” running through their veins. John Baumeister, one member of the family, likened their affinity for being cops as their version of royalty as many generations of the family were cops.


John’s father, Jack was a police officer for over 20 years before his retirement in 1982, while John himself serves as a detective with the 4th Precinct. His nephew Brian is also a member of the Police Force, and no one can argue that it will be passed to generations unborn.

In the CBS hit show, the cop family is called the Reagan Family, and the Baumeisters couldn’t help but compare the show with their family. They feel the show is accurate with its portrayal of the Police Force. John is more intrigued by the detective scenes and enjoys it.


The Baumeisters also enjoy the dinner scenes of “Blue Blood,” which always has one or two heated conversations. One thing the Baumeisters feel the show doesn’t portray as much as their family does is the constant teasing with which they tease each other.

There is no denying the love and passion with which the Baumeisters carry out their jobs despite its many hazards. They are one great family.

“Blue Bloods” is fast gaining popularity among its many viewers, and cops make up a large number of viewers. Tom Selleck, who plays the role of a New York Police Commissioner said that he was always well received and appreciated by many people.

Many Law Enforcement Officers love the show, and many of them hail the accuracy with which the show portrays the lives of the cops.