'Law & Order: SVU' Finally Sheds Light on Fin's Mother and Past

Aby Rivas
May 03, 2019
05:36 P.M.

Thursday’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU” gave fans a glimpse onto detective Fin Tutuola’s mysterious past. Fin, played by Ice-T, has been on the series for the past 18 seasons, and yet, there are little known facts about his family or backstory.


On the latest episode of the NBC criminal series, titled “Diss,” the team took a case in which pop star Dallas Monroe (Stevens West), the wife of rapper Justin "Snake Eye" Anderson (Orlando Jones), was brutally assaulted at their home.


Snake is the first suspect after the team learns about the couple’s complicated relationship, but Fin finds it hard to believe Snake is responsible since they’ve known each other for years.

It turns out after Fin’s father ripped off the neighborhood drug dealers, they retaliated by shooting at his family. Fin and his dad were unharmed, but his mother died on the street. After that, Snake’s mother, Jo (L. Scott Caldwell), who was his mother’s friend, took him in.


Fin became a member of their family, and Jo helped Fin stay off the streets and the system. Fin lived with Jo for six months until his grandparents came back to New York.

When Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), discovers Fin’s past with Snake, he reminds him he can’t cover for him.

Snake has an alibi: he was giving a concert at the Apollo at the time Dallas was attacked.


Then, Jo shows up at the police station and slaps Fin as soon as she sees him.

She reminds him they're family, and asks “How could you arrest my baby without so much as a phone call? Where's your loyalty? do you really believe that my child could do that?" She insists Snake would never hit Dallas and tells Fin to fix the situation. "You owe us," she says. "You owe me."

When Dallas wakes up, she says Snake would never hit her and recalls how a guy wearing a mask and gloves broke into her apartment and abused her.


As the investigation moves forward, the team discovers there’s a young man spotted in the background of several pics on Dallas’ Instagram. They identify him as Andreas Harper (Deandre Leatherbury), who says he’s a fan of Snake.

Meanwhile, Fin founds out Dallas doesn’t want Jo around. Jo claims that Dallas refused to let her son give her money to fix her home, but when SVU digs further into the accounts, they learn that Jo's been doing more than home repairs with Snake’s money.


She wrote a check for $250,000 to a Vickie Lewis (Elizabeth Tate), a woman who had a one-night stand with Snake.

A gun found at Snake and Dallas’ home, matches the unsolved murder of a gangster named Malik Harper, but Fin keeps that information to himself.

He later discovers that Malik was the boyfriend of Vickie Lewis. Vickie and Malik's son, Andreas was seeking revenge on the man that killed his father: Snake. That’s why Jo was paying Lewis, to keep her silence.


“Everything you do in your past will eventually come back to bite you," Fin warns Snake. He adds that he’s not a snitch, which is why he never identified his mother’s murdered all those years ago.

Thirty years later, Fin learned that his mom’s killer was found dead, but he didn't bother looking for who did it because he “was trash,” just like Malik.

Until now, we have met a few of Fin's family members: his ex-wife, Teresa Randall, and his son, Ken. Rapper Ludacris also played Fin's stepson, Darius Parker.


Ice-T joined SVU during the show's second season, and he will be back on the show’s 21st season.

“Unfortunately, the stuff we deal with is going on more than ever. We were pre-the #MeToo thing, and we were talking about that ten years ago. So, I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Life has unfortunately given us unlimited amounts of material,” the rapper/actor told Variety last year.

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