Melania Trump Faces Backlash after Sharing Pictures of a Major White House Renovation

First Lady Melania Trump earned the ire of dozens of Twitter user after sharing pics from an event with children of Secret service agents that show a major a renovation at the White House.

The 49-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday to share pics of the newly renovated White House Bowling Alley, in which she welcomed the children of members of her U.S. Secret Service team on Tuesday.

“Wonderful to host children of our @SecretService agents today in the newly renovated bowling alley in the residence of the @WhiteHouse!” she tweeted. “My family appreciates all that Secret Service does to keep us safe. Thank you! #BeBest.”

On the pics from the day’s festivities, there were snaps of the first lady surrounded by the children, who were wearing “Be Best” t-shirts, the name of Melania’s public awareness campaign focusing on the well-being of the youth and advocating against cyberbullying and opioid use.

There was also a close-up of a black bowling ball with an image of the White House and the caption “The President’s House” written on it.

The title sparked rage among social media users, with most slamming Melania and President Donald Trump, alleging that “it’s not the ‘president’s house,’ it’s the People’s house.”

Others were worried about their money being used to pay for what they see as an unnecessary luxury.

“Is this for real? American hard-working folks' tax dollars went to renovate a bowling alley for the White House. I’m sure it could have been better spent on educational materials for the deplorable DC inner city schools,” wrote one user.

And another added, “And how much did that cost taxpayers?”

However, there were others that took the chance to praise Mrs. Trump for recognizing the hard work of the secret service and giving their families a good time.

“Thank you for acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the Secret Service and their families,” wrote one user.

And another agreed, “Thank-you for the Wonderful experiences you provide for children.”

The bowling alley was first installed in 1973 under President Richard Nixon's administration and has been used by presidents and their friends and families since then. It was last renovated in 1994 during former President Bill Clinton's term.

That renovation made changes to the original design so, to “preserve this piece of history and family fun,” the First Lady led the effort to restore the original wooden lane, while also updating electrical wiring, mechanics and the interior design.

The cost of the renovation was funded by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, according to the White House.

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