Elderly Lady Asks for a Seat on a Crowded Bus

Razia Meer
May 07, 2019
04:25 A.M.
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It takes guts to use public transport once you reach a certain age. Kids are rowdy and generally ill-mannered, and everyone else is so wrapped up in social media that they don't even look around to see who needs help.


The little old lady in this fictitious story certainly figured out a way to stand up for herself and be taken seriously by other commuters.

A little old lady gets onto a crowded bus and stands in front of a seated young girl. Holding her hand to her chest, she says to the girl, "If you knew what I have, you would give me your seat."

The girl gets up and gives up her the seat to the old lady. It is really hot on the bus so the girl takes out a fan and starts fanning herself.

The senior woman looks up and says, "If you knew what I have, you would give me that fan." The girl grudgingly gives her the fan, too.


Fifteen minutes later, the woman gets up and says to the bus driver, "Stop, I want to get off here."

The bus driver tells her he has to drop her off at the next corner because he can't stop in the middle of the block.

With her hand across her chest, she tells the driver, "If you knew what I have, you would let me off the bus right here."

The bus driver pulls over and opens the door to let her out. As she's getting off the bus, he asks, "Madam, just what is it that you have?"

The old woman looks at him and nonchalantly replies,



Senior people have that in spades, don't you think? It seems they would have to because the world is apparently intent on ignoring and disenfranchising them. 

In Manhattan, senior LGBT members of the community have been denied their own home for the aged because the locals are not ready to part with their favorite garden.

Community members filed a lawsuit and formed an opposition group called "The Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden" thereby causing all plans for a senior home to ground to a halt. 

Research has determined that publicly out gay and lesbian seniors are often overlooked in their old age, especially if they have been shunned by their families.

Having their own spaces where they can get affordable housing and healthcare in a communal and loving environment would be ideal for them.

It seems locals would just prefer the housing project does not destroy a landmark and popular hangout for everyone else in the process.