Bow Wow Shares Photos from Daughter Shai's 8th Birthday Party

Shai is eight, and her father took to his Instagram page to wish her a lovely "happy birthday." The rapper shares adorable pictures from his daughter Shai's birthday party. 


Through the years, the relationship between Bow Wow also known as Shad Moss and his baby mama, Joie Chavis had been filled with various scandals. But the two however recently came together to celebrate their daughter Shai. 

The doting father posted pictures of his daughter on his page, and one of the images shows the birthday girl sitting in an all-white background in a beautiful armless white lacy gown with a crown on her head. 

The star captioned the cute photo with the sweet words, 

"Daughter- watching you grow has been many things, Joyful,  impactful and even stressful. Above all though, it has been the most meaningful part of my life, and I love you so much!. Happy 8th birthday to my princess. Shai Shai aka phat momma #Happy8bday #wepartyingtoday."

He also shared a second and third picture of him, Shai and baby mama, Joie Chavis.


Months ago Bow Wow shared a video of him and his daughter rapping on his Instagram page. He captioned it,

“My daughter got barz though. Y’all “call yo momma right now.” 

Shai not only looked beautiful in the clip but was smooth on the beat and dropped bars like a natural as well. Fans were amused and stunned at the same time, and they took to the comment section to express themselves. One fan wrote,

"This is so adorable!!! She can flow!! Put her on a track!!!", many others supported the comment calling her a "little rapper." 

Some also commented that the little cutie reminded them of lil Bow Wow. One thing, however, is sure, the adorable eight-year-old who started her modeling career at the age of 7 is going places. 


The rapper on his website once confessed that he wanted to live with his daughter alone, but her mother has custody. He further revealed that he travels for 5 hours just to meet her. Bow Wow is known to diss his baby mama at every opportunity and trust it's been a lot, but in recent times things have changed and the two seem to have found a way to co-parent while also having a healthy relationship.

Joie is also a baby mama for another rapper besides Bow Wow. She has a little boy named Hendrix with "Mask Off" rapper Future. In addition to Hendrix, Future has children with Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, and singer Ciara who also happens to be Bow Wow's ex.

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