Childhood Cancer Survivors Reunite for a Powerful Remission Photo

A moving picture of beautiful young cancer survivors goes viral after they reunite for the 5th time to tell their story and raise awareness for childhood cancer.

In 2014, photographer Lora Scantling photographed 3 girls who were fighting against childhood cancer. Quickly the excitement of the image captured people from all over the world and went viral.

Oklahoma girls Rheann Franklin, 11, Ainsley Peters, 9, and Rylie Hughey, 8, became a message of hope and empowerment that year. That's why Scantling has returned to these three beautiful warriors to show the world how brave they were and how they beat the illness. 

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Niñas sobrevivientes del cáncer recrean conmovedora foto tres años después Hace tres años Rylie, Rheann y Ainsley protagonizaron una fotografía que se volvió viral. Ellas sufrían de #cáncer y posaban abrazadas, sin cabello, en una imagen tomada por la fotógrafa #LoraScantling. Hoy, en 2017, ya recuperadas, repiten la bella escena. Scantling escogió el cáncer infantil debido a que una buena amiga acababa de perder a su hijo a causa de la enfermedad. - "Buscaba a #niñas pequeñas luchando contra el cáncer y así nació el retrato", dijo la artista. Fue así como Rylie, de 3 años, Rheann, de 6, y Ainsley, de 4, fueron reunidas en un hermoso retrato en 2014. Este año, las buscó para fotografiarlas nuevamente. Las tres niñas ya no tienen cáncer, pero sufren algunas secuelas de la enfermedad. (Noticias al día)

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Lora Scantling is a photographer who captures with her lens the cruelest battles, and not just on a battlefield, but in her own photography studio in Yukon, near Oklahoma City. For years, Lora is dedicated to photographing small cancer patients, so that through these images they become aware of childhood cancer.

This year's session was very special because the three girls managed to overcome cancer and now they look healthier and happier.


Despite having won the battle against cancer, Rheann retains the traces of having passed through it; Her hair can’t grow due to the radiation she received and according to doctors, it is very likely that her eyes will look like this forever due to the location of the brain tumor she had.

Also participated in the photo shoot with the girls the little Connor Lloyd, 4 years old, a new friend who was part of last year's photo. Currently, he is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Although last year the child was a shy participant, this year Connor felt completely in confidence laughing and having a great time with the girls.

"It means a lot for our family to help raise awareness for childhood cancer, and we felt Connor joining the shoot last year would show that while the girls are doing great, every day new kids are diagnosed,'' Connor's parents told TODAY.

Another beautiful group of girls is doing the same work by annually publishing a series of photographs along with their history of fighting cancer. In their pictures, all four girls were playing in the lobby of the hospital and all of them were in active treatment.

Cancer is a devastating disease that always moves us, but more especially when it comes to children. That is why it is important to know some of the signs of cancer to recognize it as soon as possible.

Although some cancers develop completely without symptoms, the disease can be particularly devastating if you ignore symptoms because you do not think these symptoms might represent cancer.

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