'Jamko' Included in an Emotional Promo for 'Blue Bloods' Wedding of the Year

Bettina Dizon
May 07, 2019
10:55 P.M.
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"Blue Bloods" fans have shipped the relationship of Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) on the said show, creating the nickname "Jamko". This fandom led nickname has finally made its way into the show.


The character of Eddie Janko debuted in "Blue Bloods" in Season 4, becoming partners with Jamie Reagan. Since then, followers of the show have been witnesses to the on-screen chemistry exhibited by said characters, as it developed into a fandom supporting the nickname “Jamko.” 

Through the different seasons of the show, this fandom has grown to be more expressive of their support for the on-screen couple. The excitement has reached a peak come Season 8 as the couple is expected to finally tie the knot. 


Primarily, the canonization of the said nickname makes its way through an episode teaser. In the clip, one will see the Reagan family at the table for the reception with Frank (Tom Selleck) offering a toast, saying: 

“We are so very glad and truly privileged to have you join our family.” He adds that: “And I so look forward to seeing her in action as Jamie’s life partner.”

Despite the escalation of the on-screen couple’s relationship, frustrations have been felt by fans in new scenes, a notable episode being “Strange Bedfellows.” 


In the said episode, the couple is shown discussing about their desire for children. However, the fans found it lacking as it did not include much touches or kisses. Beyond the use of the nickname, Jamko fans are yearning for intimate scenes.

Nevertheless, the thrill does not shy away from heightening as the series continues to develop towards its wedding episode, giving the Jamko fans what they have been longing for so long through the seasons. 


Aside from the present teaser videos, fans are further hyped with the discussion of Eddie Janko’s wedding dress, as photos have also released. 

The dress comes in for a big deal because, for the longest time, her character had been sporting a police uniform, until the show developed a plot with her relationship growing with Jamie. 


Actress Vanessa Ray joked that “I forgot what my body looked like in real clothes.” Finally, fans will get to witness her beauty in a strapless Marisa Collection champagne lace A-line gown.

Indeed, the moment the fans have waited for has finally arrived, and the producers sweeten this arrival with the use of Jamko. Earlier this week, the show also hyped up the fans by sending out "invitations" for the wedding on their Twitter account.