Steve Harvey's Wife's Drug Lord Ex Reportedly Writing Tell-All Book

"I have no allegiance to Marjorie," Jim Townsend, Marjorie Harvey's ex-husband says as he reveals penning an explosive tell-all book about his drug dealing days. Harvey was suspected by police to have been involved in his illegal activities then.

A new memoir penned by Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband, Jim Townsend is threatening to disturb her peaceful existence.  


According to a report by Radar Online who exclusively interviewed Townsend, the memoir which the 70-year-old wrote while in prison will be an explosive account of his days as a Memphis drug lord married to Harvey. 

“I have no allegiance to Marjorie. She showed her hand”

“I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison,” he told the publication. Townsend was sentenced to life behind bars after he was indicted for attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine. He served for 26 years before former President Barrack Obama pardoned and released him in 2017.  

"No one knows what happened but me and Marjorie.”


Townsend admitted he initially “had reservations” about the tell-all as he thought about how it would affect his children. But he decided to go ahead with the book, regardless of how it would impact them or Harvey. 

“I have no allegiance to Marjorie. She showed her hand,” he said of his ex-wife who divorced him barely five years into his sentence. 

“I’m going…tell my story. It don’t matter [if she knows about it]. I’m pouring my heart out. No one knows what happened but me and Marjorie.”


What happened that the public is aware of is that Harvey was part of the investigation surrounding her ex-husband’s illegal dealings. The FBI and DEA suspected she was heavily involved in her husband’s drug ring and Townsend was told then that his wife would be arrested. However, Harvey was never charged with a crime. Rumors swirled she cooperated with the feds and squealed to avoid imprisonment.


Since divorcing Townsend, Harvey had a relationship with another drug kingpin, Donnell Woods who fathered her youngest daughter, Lori Harvey. When that union fizzled, she moved on to comedian Steve Harvey, her current husband. 

Harvey has since been living a luxurious lifestyle enjoying the perks of being married to the comedian/television mogul whose fortune is estimated at $140 million.


Despite previous rumors of trouble in their marriage, the couple forged on and shut them down. The latest rumor claims the “Family Feud” host was selling his properties in preparation for a bitter divorce with his wife. Harvey quashed this by sharing a video on Thursday showing her husband kissing her goodbye as she sits inside her new Ferrari preparing to leave with her dog.

In another clip, husband and wife made fun of the rumors with an amusing spiel replying to the comedian's 28-year-old son, Broderick Harvey, Jr. who asked them about the divorce rumors. Check out the funny clip below.

If Harvey was in any way threatened by Townsend’s new book, she definitely didn’t show it any of the clips. If anything, the videos were proof that she is unshaken by it and so is her marriage. 

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