Troy Shafer, 'Nashville Flipped' Star, Dies at 38

Troy Shafer, host of "Nashville Flipped" passed away at the age of 38. His family described Shafer as "fit and healthy" before his death.

Troy Shafer was most well known as the presenter of the DIY Network's reality show, "Nashville Flipped." His family is at a loss for words. 

He made name for himself as a construction worker, and Nashville Flipped" focused on homes from the early 1800s. The show was launched three years ago. 

Before saving, restoring and flipping dozens of historic homes in Nashville, Shafer made a living as a singer for close to a decade. 

As reported by TMZ, Shafer didn't have any known medical conditions prior to his death, and the cause for his death on April 28 is not clear. 

Shafer was laid to rest in a private burial, and an autopsy report was never carried out, but a toxicology report had been carried out. 

Troy also graduated from Penn State University before moving to Nashville to pursue his dream of renovating historic houses. 

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