86-Year-Old Man Tells the Doctor His 20-Year-Old Bride Is Pregnant

Getting older is no joke, but there are some who handle it well and some who refuse to take it lying down. If you can still laugh, it means you're not dead yet! 

The senior man in this joke preferred a comfortable deception rather than face an uneasy truth. But his doctor would not let him get away with it!

A senior man goes for his annual checkup. The doctor asked the man how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said,

The doctor considered the question for a long minute, and then, unsure of how to say what was really on his mind, he began to tell a story:

The old man listened intently, because who can resist a good story. The doctor went on:

The old man's eyes widen, immediately understanding the frustration of the fellow due to being a hunter himself for the past seventy years. The doctor continues:

Do you think the old man joined the dots and discovered that his new bride might not be carrying his child? What a dilemma!  If you enjoyed this funny story, remember to share it with your friends.

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