Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Son as a Toddler, According to a Forensic Artist

The entire media is still in a frenzy over the newest addition to the British royal family. New reports have a Forensic Artist predicting what the new baby will look like as a toddler. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently announced the birth of their first child, baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Being members of the most talked-about royal family in the world, they have the world as a whole looking to hear more details about Archie. 

To ease this curiosity of the royal fans, Markle and Prince Harry shared photos of the newborn. The Palace also shared shots of the infant and his grandparents. 

However, that doesn't seem to be enough, and an American forensic artist who is a fan made a mashup of the faces of the new parents. He did this in a bid to predict what little Archie will look like when he is just a bit grown. 

Joe Mullins achieved the feat by taking time to study the facial features of Prince Harry and his former actress wife in recent pictures. He then worked out a photo of what baby Archie would look like as a toddler. The result is a quite impressive one and agreeably, bears a striking resemblance to the new parents. 

He may be going ahead of himself, but if there is one thing that netizens can't debate about the photo, it is that Archie will be one lovely baby just like the one pictured!

There is nothing less to be expected when he is born to gorgeous parents like Prince Harry and his dazzling diva mother. 

Looking at Mullins’ drafted image, it is unlike any crooked photoshopped image and somehow has Meghan and Harry's faces ingrained into the little boy's face.

His hair is darker ginger when compared to his father's, his lips slightly fuller, and his cheeks are just perfectly chubby thus, merging the couple’s adorable features.

With the huge response the picture has received so far, it is evident that everyone is waiting to see what Archie will grow up to look like! 

Overjoyed, Meghan and Harry were all smiles as they introduced their “amazing” son, wrapped in a white shawl, to the world on May 8, 2019. The pair looked a bit fagged out but proud papa bear Harry still excitedly joked that his son “already has facial hair."