Bride-to-Be Slammed for Her Wedding Dress That Looks like a 'Used Tampon'

Odette Odendaal
May 10, 2019
10:03 P.M.
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A woman posted a picture of an unusually colored wedding dress, unable to fathom why anyone would want to wear a dress that looked like a “used tampon.”

She shared what the odd colored dress looks like on a Facebook group devoted to weddings and captioned the image, “Am I the only one that thinks tampon?


The top half of the figure-hugging wedding dress is white with lace detailing on the bodice. Below the hips, the dress fan’s out to the floor and also starts to change gradually change color from white to a deep burgundy at the bottom.

Members of the group soon voiced their opinions on the odd color and the way it got used in the dress, while some didn’t even notice it at first. “I didn't see it until I read the caption and now it's all I can see,” a group member wrote.


“Maybe she knows she's going to be on her period during the wedding and didn't want to take any chances ruining the dress,” another netizen added.

One of the group members “actually really liked it” and said that the purple right at the bottom of the dress saved it from looking like a leaked period.


Similarly, another bride got berated over her choice of a wedding gown and called it a “strip show” dress.

The tight-fitting backless wedding dress features an extremely low cut back down to her buttocks. A design not well received in general as many referred to the dress as “hideous.”

"Great shape I'd love to have her shape but this is a wedding, not a strip show. My daddy would refuse to walk me down the aisle half-naked," a woman commented.


Others also commented on the great physical shape of the bride and said there is nothing wrong with looking “sexy as hell” and that they would also “show it off” if they had a figure like hers.

However, most couldn’t get over the revealing nature of the dress. "There's no way you can't see her *** crack!" a group member posted while another added, "At this point, just bedazzle your *** and pretend it's an accessory."


Last year Denise Richards also got berated over the dress she wore to her unplanned wedding. The actress had to get her dress ready in a hurry, as she married her boyfriend, Aaron Phypers, two days after they got engaged.

Mark Zunino designed Denise Richard’s dress in less than 24-hours and although it lacked his usual extravagance, he pulled it off.

Keyboard warriors were quick to voice their opinions, as the designer himself said that none of his designs had ever caused such a division of opinion.