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9-1-1 Ends Season 2 with a ‘Perfect Wedding’

Gracious Egedegbe
May 14, 2019
05:54 P.M.
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While the talk goes on about suspense, tears, overflow of emotions and gripping cinema sales, ‘9-1-1’ fans are contributing their share to what has been a fantastic month of television.


Ending the season 2 finale, the fans of the popular series were treated to a highly romantic and emotional marriage between two powerful actors.


Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) had just helped saved Buck's (Oliver Stark) life, and his heroics got him a reward of reinstatement as the captain of the firehouse.

Earlier, an exploded truck had fallen on Buck, and he risked losing his leg if help didn't come quick. Bobby came to Buck's rescue at the expense of almost losing his life, and it was at this moment he realized that he wouldn't want to die without getting married to Athena at least.

Unable to contain his excitement, he ran to Athena Grant's (Angela Bassett) house and asked her to marry him straight away. It was at this point viewers started grabbing pillows and pulling sheets in anticipation.


The flow of emotion and tears as Athena agreed filled everywhere, and the season 2 finale couldn't have ended any better. Bobby and Athena proceeded to a courthouse and got married legally, leaving fans all across the world feeling satisfied and teary.


In a recent interview with TVLine, showrunner Tim Minear shared his excitement at the reactions of people. Minear revealed:

"It’s what I would have wanted as a fan. I wanted to go out on a hopeful note. I wanted to get rewarded with some of the things that were promised to me."

If you look back at the end of Season 1, it’s not dissimilar; It’s a bookend. Bobby throws that book away and finally goes on a date — and holy God, it’s Athena!"


The wedding didn't feature other stars as would have been expected (Athena and Bobby had initially planned a large wedding), and Tim Minear also presented an explanation for this. He said:

"It felt like the right way to do it because it felt like a continuation of the mission statement of the show: First responders realize that life can change in a dime, and you can’t always plan for it — so why plan for it? Just do it,"

He concluded saying:

"The new configuration of the family is Bobby and Athena and Harry and May."

While Athena and Bobby are celebrating, there's a worrying uncertainty about Buck's condition, with all indications pointing to the fact that he won't be able to work for a long time.

To cap a fantastic episode, producers of the show have gone on to announce a spinoff, 9-1-1: Lone Star featuring Rob Lowe, set to premiere next season.