Jane Fonda's Beauty Secrets: Actress Proves 'Age Is Just a Number' by Looking Flawless at 81

Comfort Omovre
May 19, 2019
07:50 A.M.
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At the age of 81, Jane Fonda is still agile and looks very youthful when compared to her peers. Being a darling, she revealed her beauty secrets in a recent interview.


Paparazzi took numerous photos of the veteran actress who appears to defy age as she went on an afternoon visit to a Beverly Hills salon. She looked effortlessly beautiful, dressed in an all-black ensemble.


The casual getup included form-fitting jeans, a knit jacket, a comfy sweater, and black sports shoes. Ever the fashionista, Fonda had her blonde curls styled in a short messy haircut and her lips sporting just a hint of gloss.

Publicly acknowledged as a fitness guru, it is not surprising to find that even though well past her prime, Fonda’s still got it. Her outing to the salon to get herself new mani-pedis shows how young she is at heart as she still stuck to her old beauty regimen.

With her eyes protected from the sun’s glare by a pair of dark shades, the mother of three looked like she had no care for the world as she walked the short mile to the beauty shop accompanied by Tulea, her cute Coton De Tulear puppy.


The award-winning actress and activist spelt out diva as she was captured holding a small bed for her pet to lay in while she got the mani-pedis. Comfort is vital as the “Barefoot in the Park” star ditched her tight jeans for baggy black pants designed with a white stripe running down its sides.

The rare appearance is one that has fans taking a trip down memory lane back to when Fonda frequently appeared in movies. The sterling actress rose to fame in the 1960s after starring in numerous blockbusters like “Period of Adjustment” and “Barbarella” and went on to become one of the most popular actresses in all of Hollywood.


While she is not entirely off the social scene, Fonda is still rarely seen like back in the old days. The February sighting is, therefore, a rather delightful one as the actress appeared to enjoy her day out and remained as graceful as ever.

In an interview with People, Fonda revealed the secrets to her ageless beauty stressing that a well-structured fitness regime is an essential factor. Fonda:

“Maintaining a healthy weight, strong heart and bones through regular physical exercise is a major ingredient for successful aging.”

A New Beauty article covers this and many more, and there is no better proof of their authenticity than Fonda's youthful looks.