Beth Chapman Looks Good in a New Photo with Stepson Leland

Beth Chapman has fought a lot of battles recently in a bid to stay alive and spend more time with her family; a new photo of her and stepson, Leland, shows her looking slim and healthy.

Beth Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" television series is all about staying positive these days, and it seems to be paying off. The reality star appeared radiant, slim, and full of life in the new photo she shared on her Instagram page.

Beth was in the company of her step-son, Leland Chapman, and the two smiled for the camera while holding on to each other. The happy step-mum wore a black dress, a Pearl necklace, and what appears to be a blonde wig; she lost her hair to chemotherapy.

Leland, on the other hand, wore a black tank top, a face cap of the same color, and blue jeans. The reality star wrote that spending time with the young man had her smiling, and he is a joy to be around.

The 51-year-old added that she is thankful to God for "Blessing her with such a young man," and she thanked him for coming to visit. It turned out that Beth is not the only one feeling thankful. Her followers share in the gratitude she feels, and it reflected in her comment section.

One follower, @Sytheanddeanne, wrote :

"Great pic of you two. Laughter is the best medicine. So happy for your blessed Mothers Day weekend. You rock."

Others towed the same line, commenting on how good it is to be around family and loved ones amid challenges, and they asked the television personality to keep smiling and laughing.

Beth has been battling throat cancer for a while now, and is undergoing chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells and hopefully put it in remission. Through it all, she's had the support of her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, and they are shooting a new show "Dogs Most Wanted."

The show will air on the "WGN" network, and although the premiere date is unknown, it is expected to start sometime in 2020. Beth and her bounty hunter husband got married in 2006, a day after he lost his daughter in a car accident.

Apart from hunting criminals and bringing them to justice, the TV star runs the family bail bond business. She started in the business as a 29-year-old in Colorado and held the title for the youngest person in the bail bonds industry until her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, joined at 19.

The mother-of-four is also a producer and has dabbled into acting, but beyond show business, she is family oriented, and they have supported her throughout her cancer battle. So much so, that Beth did not miss losing her hair.

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