Melania Trump Once Revealed Why She Is Not a Big Spender

She is often described as a lavish First Lady, but Melania Trump once insisted that she was not a big spender.

A few months after marrying the future US president, the former model revealed her view on spending money.

“She has never taken advantage of that situation, as many women would have frankly."

“I grew up where you would always have to take care of the money,” Melania told CNN’s Larry King. “Where you are not like a big spender and say ‘okay, I will buy it even if I don’t like it 100 percent. You really need to love it if you want to you buy it.”

She continued, “I make a lot of money myself. I know what it is to work and what money means. It is not like I will say, ‘I want the latest bag and then in one month that bag will be in the closet.' I am not into that."

President Donald Trump, who was with Melania during the interview, chimed in to praise his Slovenian wife. He said:

“She has never taken advantage of that situation, as many women would have frankly. She is not one that sees a beautiful something on Fifth Avenue or a Madison Avenue's window and says, 'I am going to get it or please get it for me’.”  

Following Trump’s election into the presidency in 2017, the 49-year-old First Lady has been heavily scrutinized for her expensive wardrobe.

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She was recently reported to have spent nearly $17,000 during a recent shopping for clothes.

Before becoming First Lady, Melania not only worked as a model but also ran her own line of jewelry, Melania Timepieces and Jewelry, and line of cosmetics, Melania Skin Care Collection.

Melania’s life can be described as “rags to riches.” Before migrating to the United States, Melania’s family survive on factory work in Slovenia.

Melania and other children of factory workers would feature children’s clothing in fashion shows at the factory.

She grew up to become a model, moving to the US in 1996. She met Donald Trump in September 1998 through her manager, who hosted a party at a Times Square nightclub.

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