Norwegian Princess Claims to Have Found Love in LA-Based Bisexual Shaman

Princess Martha of Norway has found her other half and is loving all of it. The princess found love in a Bisexual Shaman from LA, and their connection is so strong they feel like they knew each other in their past lives.

Princess Martha Louise was on hand to receive her knight in shining armor, Shaman Durek when he arrived in Norway in time for their speaking tour. The lovers looked all loved up and at peace with each other.

After announcing their romantic relationship to the world via Instagram, the lovebirds seem to want to take it a notch higher. Details are scanty about how they met, though there are pictures of them together in November of last year.

The Princess told the world in her announcement that Shaman Derek, originally named Derek Verrett is her twin flame and new boyfriend. She has been single since 2016 when she and her husband of fourteen years, Ali Behn divorced.

According to sources, the Princess and the Shaman are so much in love, and she used to be one of his clients. Shaman Derek revealed he never thought he would fall in love with a client, but that it felt inevitable after he met the Princess.

He explained that they believe they have known each other for many lifetimes past and that they are meant to help heal the world. The Shaman also believes that he and the Princess were married in multiple lifetimes.

Derek also revealed that his mom, who originated from Norway, had told him when he was younger that he would meet with and fall in love with a Norwegian Princess, hence the inevitability of their love. 

The lovebirds are currently selling tickets for their events that would take place in five cities of Norway and Denmark. Shaman Durek is also promoting his new book titled “Spirit Hacking,” billed for release in October. 

The Shaman began training on his shamanic abilities at age eleven, though he knew he possessed such abilities when he was five-years-old. With the help of his mother, he was exposed to spiritual build as a baby.

His training years and practice of Shamanism has seen him have quite an A-profile client list that includes Nina Dobrev, Gwyneth Paltrow, his charming Princess and a host of others.

He is quite popular with his videos, books and television features, as well as his events. Shaman Durek once announced on social media that he is bisexual, and loves everyone. He has also been arrested once in California, though details about what his crime was are unknown. 

All eyes will undoubtedly be watching to see where the “inevitable” love of the Princess and the Shaman leads.