Vanna White Reveals the Only Fight She Ever Had with Pat Sajak in 36 Years on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Although it seems impossible, the Wheel of Fortune hostess recently stated that she only had one discussion with her co-host in over thirty years working together.

We all know the famous program of mental agility "Wheel of Fortune" and those who have been its hosts for over thirty years, but what you didn’t know is that this famous couple are a whole example of companionship and friendship.

The beautiful Vanna White recently revealed that she has an excellent relationship with her great studio partner Pat Sajak, and also confessed that in the 36 years that she has been working alongside her they have only discussed once and nothing serious.

If you think that the fact that they have had only one fight in more than three decades means that at least that one was quite significant and important, you have made a mistake again. Our favorite hosts discussed that time about food, and not only that but junk food.

According to White in an interview for Fox News during the 26th Annual Gala, both hosts discussed whether the hotdogs should wear Ketchup or not. Sajak thinks that this popular junk food should only be eaten with a little mustard, but his partner likes to add both ketchup and mustard to her hotdog.

"Believe it or not, Pat Sajak and I just had a discussion in 36 years and that was about putting ketchup on a hot dog," White told Fox News.

The popular family quiz show has already carried over 7,000 episodes and Sajak has won a Guinness world record for having the longest career as a game presenter for the same show since joining the Wheel of Fortune in 1981.

However, Sajak did not take all the glory for himself and when he received the award he didn’t forget his great friend and companion, whom he deeply thanked for his support and perseverance. "I could not have done this without you," he told White as a token of gratitude.

The 19-year-old son of The Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White, who goes by the name Nikko, is reportedly having a serious romantic relationship with a Hare Krishna monk from Liberia who doubles his age. 

White, who apparently doesn’t have too much trust for the Hare Krishnas, considering that she has stated in the past that she was terrified to ‘lose’ Nikko to the organization, was convinced that this man was after her son for her money.

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