Jodie Sweetin from 'Full House' Finds Her Way Back to Success after Alcoholism and Addiction

Pedro Marrero
May 17, 2019
02:43 A.M.
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If you remember Stephanie from Full House you will be curious to know that she had a rough time after the show ended, but she has gotten back up on her feet and is now a successful actress and loving mother.


The life of Jodie Sweetin was very far from resembling her character Stephanie Tanner in Full House. Unlike what happened in the series of 1987, the parents of the actress were two irresponsible and addicted to drugs that left anyone with their newborn baby to be able to party.

At nine months she had to be welcomed by her uncle Sam Sweetin and his wife since her biological parents were imprisoned - her father died shortly after. They looked after her and raised her as a daughter, although they could only adopt her legally when she was two years old.


Despite her difficult life beginning, Jodie was always a sweet and very talented girl. Encouraged by her family and friends, the girl began at age four to attend different castings for commercials and television series.

In 1987, when Jodie was five years old she got the role that would mark her life forever. The sweet Stephanie Tanner conquered the small screen and allowed the young artist to shine throughout the world.


However, when the program ended in 1995, after eight glorious seasons, Jodie Sweetin's life was disrupted when she started to abuse cocaine in high school and later started using methamphetamine.

In 2002, the young 20-year-old actress married her first husband, Shaun Holguin, a police officer who tried to help her with her addictions. The ceremony was attended by several of her former colleagues including Cameron who was her maid of honor.


At that time she became addicted to methamphetamine and became completely drugged at the premiere of New York Minute, starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played Michelle, her younger sister in Full House.

However, after an overdose, she agreed to enter rehabilitation, but unfortunately, her marriage had already worn out and she divorced in 2006.


A year after her divorce she got married again, this time with the television set designer Cody Herpin, with whom she had her first daughter, Zoie, in 2008. During that time, she assured Good Morning America and People Magazine that she was completely sober, but the truth is that she had been using drugs.

In 2010, she got separated from Herpin, who asked for custody of their daughter and the actress was investigated for her alcohol problem.

In 2012, she married again with Morty Coyle, with whom she had her second daughter Beatrix, but they separated in 2013.


Since she almost lost custody of her first daughter, the actress has remained sober and shone again as an actress thanks, again, to her role as Stephanie in the spin-off of Full House, Fuller House.

In the new bet, Steph becomes a famous DJ who travels the world but decides to stay at home to help his sister and three children, after her husband died in a fire.

Currently, Sweetin is 37 years old and had an outstanding participation in Dancing With the Stars in 20016, where she thrilled with a dance in honor of her sober years.