Actress Jayne Kennedy Shared Pics of Her Mom, Daughters & They All Look Alike

Multi-Talented Star, Jayne Kennedy Overton has a family of beautiful women, and she makes sure to share photos of them to the delight of fans. 

The beautiful actress is proud of her gorgeous family, and this is evident as Kennedy constantly posts snapshots of her family on her Instagram page. One of such is a mother-daughter selfie she took with her gorgeous daughter, Kopper Joi, 33.

The pair looked amazing as they smiled for the camera. While Jayne looked way younger than her 67 years, Kopper Joi beamed with youthful charm. The sports enthusiast on Mother’s Day shared a five-photo post of her mother while attaching a lengthy caption in appreciation of her mom.

Fans could not hold in their excitement at seeing how gorgeous the older woman still looked. The comment section was brimming with comments of admiration for Jayne’s mom. It is safe to say that Jayne’s is a family of beautiful women with youthful genes that strongly affirms the “Black don’t crack” phrase. 

Jayne Kennedy is an active Hollywood celebrity from the ’90s who made her mark both in show business and the world of sports. Landing her first break as a model, Kennedy won the “Miss Ohio USA” title in 1970 becoming the first African American lady to take the title. 

Besides being a model and an actress, Kennedy exhibited multi-talents as she ventured into sports, becoming a commentator on the “CBS NFL Today.”

As an actress, Jayne won the NAACP awards for the “Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture” category for her Julia Winters character in the 1982 movie, “Body and Soul.”

However, in the blooming days of her career, the actress developed some health complications which took a toll on her. Doctors diagnosed Jayne with Endometriosis, which caused her severe pains in her stomach area. The celebrity had to put a hold on her career to take care of herself.

Speaking with USA Today, Kennedy narrated her ordeal while she suffered from Endometriosis.

“I was in pain all the time. Sometimes I would be standing in the kitchen, lift the top off a pot and pains came in my stomach. They were not dull aches; they were all sharp pains. It was difficult to walk and certainly almost impossible to exercise,” she said.

Overton went on to explain that she had to conceive to be able to escape the condition. After the birth of her third child, the Hollywood Star underwent the removal of her uterus. She is finally free of the illness and living a healthy life with her beautiful family. 

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