Meet Jennifer Wayne, Gifted Granddaughter of the Iconic John Wayne

Pedro Marrero
May 18, 2019
03:55 A.M.

John Wayne’s attributes have been transmitted to another generation, his granddaughter Jennifer shines with her own talent.


She is the granddaughter of the most famous cowboy of cinema, but she has managed to make herself known first as a professional tennis player and now as a musician. Jennifer Wayne was born three years after the death of her famous grandfather, however, through family stories and anecdotes, she was able to grow up knowing about his legend.

She told about when she was a child and used to ask her classmates at which TV channel her grandparents were because she could see her own ones every time she tuned in to AMC.


Her mother used to tell her that one of John's favorite thing was the sunrise, so she got up very early to enjoy them too. She always took her mother out of bed saying, 'Get up, you're burning the sunlight' just like he said in the movies to emphasize that she did not agree with wasting time.

On one occasion they were on vacation with Mom's best friend, and although Mom used to sleep in the lower bunk bed, one night she changed places with her friend. The next morning her grandfather John woke her mother's friend with a spanking and screaming his famous phrase.


When the three of them realized my grandfather's mistake, they could not stop laughing. He was a family man and very affectionate, you could not pass by his side without being kissed, he was always close to his family.

Jennifer says that although she was always attracted to music, for her father she only counted on tennis, so from a young age she devoted herself to practicing. But in tennis games, players like music and once invited her to sing, and although she was very shy she did it.


That was the beginning of her first band. She wrote, interpreted and recorded several songs during that time.

She had the support of her aunt Marisa who lived in Nashville and now her band Runaway June brings great success and satisfaction. She considers herself a spiritual person and that has been reflected in the songs she uses to play with her band.


Wayne’s granddaughter has also ventured as an actress being recognized for her roles in “The Amazing Race” and “Like A Country Song”, a film based on faith, an aspect of her life that influences everything she does.


It can’t be denied that Jennifer has inherited much of the talent and charisma of her famous and always remembered grandfather. She wrote a beautiful song as a tribute to the iconic actor in honor of Wayne's 100th birthday in 2007. She discussed in the song what Wayne meant to her as well as his immense fanbase.

The popular actor was born in Winterset, Iowa, on May 26, 1907. He grew up in Southern California. Wayne lost his life to stomach cancer on June 11, 1972, at the age of 72, leaving a timeless legacy in the industry.

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