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Mom-of-Two 'Devastated' after Discovering Fiancé Hooked up with Her Pal While She Was Pregnant

Rebelander Basilan
May 19, 2019
08:47 A.M.
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Danni Sier’s world crumbled when she found out that her fiancé had been unfaithful to her throughout her pregnancy.


The 28-year-old mother from Harwich, Essex, discovered that her fiancé, Alan Bowes, 29, had an affair with her best friend and also sent nudes to random women on dating apps.


“Alan was charming and handsome, and I fell for him straight away. I thought he was a decent guy, but I was wrong. He turned out to be a lying cheat,” she said in a report by The Sun.  

A dating app brought Danni and Alan together in May 2015. They clicked right away and a year into dating, he popped the question to her. Madly in love, Danni said yes.


“Life was perfect, and I was excited to share the news,” Danni said. “I met up with my good friend of 10 years and showed off my engagement ring. She was really happy for me.”

They booked their dream wedding in Cyprus for October 2017. But she fell pregnant in late 2016, so they decided to move the wedding date to 2018.


“We were both over the moon and with the baby due in September we pushed the wedding back to the following year, 2018.”

But their relationship began to turn sour around February 2017, after Alan lost his job.

 “He was being really distant. He went from being affectionate and showering me with compliments, to being vacant and barely touching me,” she recalled.


Then by August, he told her he was falling out of love. “I was stunned. At eight months pregnant I was desperate to fix things for the baby,” she said.


In September 2017, she gave birth to their son. While he agreed to work on their relationship and was a good father to their son, his cold treatment towards Danni remained.

“To my surprise, she crumbled and confessed they’d kissed a few times while I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was heartbroken."


When she confronted him, he revealed that he had been speaking to women on webcams and Snapchat.

“I was devastated and my son and I went to stay with my dad,” she said. Then her father told her that he also suspected Alan of having an affair with her best friend. When she called her friend, she was shocked by the latter’s confession.

“To my surprise, she crumbled and confessed they’d kissed a few times while I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was heartbroken,” she said. That was the final blow.



Alan kept asking for forgiveness and she decided to give him a second chance for the sake of their son. But she was utterly disappointed to find out just after five weeks that he was still speaking to women online, and admitted he was sending them nudes.

“It was so hurtful. This time it was over for good. I canceled the wedding and I used the money for a holiday to Lanzarote. The engagement ring went straight in the bin. I’ll never forgive him for what he did,” she said.

In a separate interview, Alan admitted his fault. He said: “I have made many mistakes but I truly ain’t (sic) a bad person and I feel remorse every day. But I have changed and I am becoming a better person. If she really wants to write this story, maybe it will help a lot of people - maybe they will have a chance to not lose the person they truly love.”