Common Recalls Painful Break up with Erykah Badu

Monica Otayza
May 20, 2019
01:08 P.M.
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Although it's been two decades, Common recalls how difficult it was for him to break up with his one true love, Erykah Badu. He shares that at that time, he couldn't even eat because of how heartbroken he was.


Common has had his heart broken multiple times, but none of them were as painful as when he split with his first love, Erykah Badu. Now 47-years-old, Common wrote a memoir entitled "Let Love Have the Last Word," where he opened up about his romantic interests, and what he's learned from each of them.


According to the rapper, a lot of his best work came after a heartbreak or a breakup, and that's gone well for him. However, there were also some times where he was at his best while in a relationship, like when he collaborated with his ex, Erykah, on his hit singles "The Light" and "Love of My Life."


First Love Never Dies

In a recent interview, Common shares how difficult it was for him to get over Badu, because he was his first love, and at that time, love was a surreal feeling.

"With Erykah Badu, that was my first love where you're just open and floating. When we split, I was 27 or 28. I was in a haze, just going through the motions. It was hard to eat."


While he wished it worked out, he says it wasn't her fault that they ended, as they just didn't work out.

Although losing Erykah was painful, he experienced another break up after that which sent him into therapy.

Finding True Love

Common's had his heart broken multiple times, but now, he says he is finally ready for lasting love. He shares that he is open to relationships now because he knows how to communicate with his partner properly.


“I’m open to a relationship now. I know how to communicate like an adult now. I want to be the best partner I can be.”

A Booming Career

Meanwhile, decades after her split from Common, Erykah Badu still has a booming career. Following in her footsteps, is her teen daughter, Puma. Although Common and Erykah never worked out, she ended up having a child with rapper The D.O.C.

14 years later, their child now has amazing vocals that she seemed to have inherited from both her parents. Now, it won't be long until another Badu is set to take the world by storm.