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Cher Remains Influential and Iconic While Many of Her Peers Are Losing Their Glory, and Here's Why

Bettina Dizon
May 20, 2019
09:46 P.M.
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The “Goddess of Pop” stays untarnished as Cher continues to reign and remain a Hollywood icon with her cultural influence and unpredictability.


Through decades, the singer-actress icon maintains autonomy in an industry dominated by countless artists with her genuine character. Cher’s unfaltering stardom is profoundly grounded on her character’s constant comebacks, fashion, and outspoken realness.


Cher’s survival is uprooted from her constant ability to produce Top 10 hits through different decades, paving the way for her attraction through records.


Despite certain challenges encountered in the music world, her career makes immense comebacks in the 80s with sensations “I Found Someone” and If I Could Turn Back Time,” stemming from the success of her acting career. She manages to carry this success to the 90s with the release of the disco hit “Believe.”


Beyond her success in the music industry, Cher takes fabulous to a whole new level. These days, many icons may be witnessed to flaunt different style choices, and bringing iconic looks back into the scene.


Nevertheless, Cher does not shy away from this real-life runway as she dresses herself in extravagant outfits, and intensifies her style with unique wigs and exotic eyeliners. However, as we all know, presence goes beyond fashion and industry success, as one’s realness truly defines character.


This Goddess of Pop diversified herself to also be known as a goddess in the Twitterverse, as she remains unfiltered and politically outspoken. The singer does not hesitate to voice out her thoughts, may it be as simple as hilarious comments about herself, or as serious as political matters.


Until today, Cher sparks interest as she built a character that was recognized to be down-home and authentic. Her ideas of exhibiting authenticity are something she has done through her decades as an icon.

One of the more recent social media posts Cher made was concerning the Supreme Court ruling which restricts transgender individuals in military services from holding positions in the Pentagon.

She tweeted about her transgender son who is “kind, smart, strong, loving, talented” and a “patriotic American, who is judged by Trump, not by character, but by the fact that he is transgender.