Boy with Spina Bifida Got up from Wheelchair for the First Time at His Preschool Graduation

Walking is a luxury that most of us fail to enjoy. 5-year-old Blake Mompher worked hard and surprised his friends and family when he got off his wheelchair on his preschool graduation ceremony.

5-year-old Blake Mompher was born with spina bifida, a birth defect where the spine and the spinal cord do not form properly. The defect had left young Blake in a wheelchair all his life. 

On the 20th week of her pregnancy, Blake’s mother Megan, 34 learned that her son had spina bifida. She stayed by her son’s side for all his life and after motivated him to take baby steps with the help of a walker. However, a bladder reconstruction surgery had set the family’s plan to help Blake walk by the start of school back and the odds weren’t looking great.

Blake, along with his family, surprised his friends and grandmother on May 11, when he stepped out on stage at his preschool graduation ceremony walking with a huge smile on his face.

The proud mother couldn’t help contain her tears when she saw her son taking his first steps.

"Because of everything he's gone through -- he's had seven surgeries in two and a half months. Poor kid has gone through the ringer and as his mom watching him go through it was heart-wrenching. So in three weeks watching him be able to [walk], I've never been more proud." she said

“None of his classmates had seen him walk before, so to see their reactions was so awesome,” says Megan. “Everyone stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Nothing like it.” Clearly, Blake wasn’t the only one who was happy to stand on his two feet.

“To see the looks on his friends’ faces was incredible! We’re just very thankful for the little wins since he’s spent so much time at the hospital. It’s nice for us to be able to enjoy our child and his triumphs instead of worrying about him in the hospital.” Blake’s father Aric, 40 added.

The little boy was adorned with his certificate and a medal but nothing compared to the big cute smile he had on his face. He was overwhelmed with joy himself and exclaimed, “I did it!”. The parents caught the video on tape and it has been viewed on facebook along more than 15,000 times. 

This just goes to show, a strong determination can make people achieve anything they desire.  

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