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Woman, 92, Never Imagined Willie Nelson Would Actually Sing the Song She Wrote

Comfort Omovre
May 25, 2019
11:47 A.M.
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Lyndel Rhodes, well past her prime, never thought it possible to have one of her handwritten songs become famous; thanks to a world-famous country singer.


Rhodes became a trending topic on the internet after Willie Nelson; a veteran singer performed one of her songs. The heartwarming story is all about never losing hope despite the test of time. Lyndel would never have imagined that she could still achieve her dreams of becoming a recognized songwriter.


Her writing skills were born out of her love for music. To her, listening, playing, or writing music was a sure source of happiness and comfort. The elderly woman frequently dabbled into producing music for her pleasure.

The homemaker most recently penned down “Little House on the Hill,” which, just as the name implies, includes soft and passionate lyrics. Writing the song was only one of her little ways of keeping busy, but little did she know that that very song will put her name on headlines.

American record producer, Buddy Canon is Lyndel’s son, and he was awestruck by the melodious ring to his mother's new piece. As soon as he heard it, he spoke to Willie Nelson, a musician of high reckon.


Nelson was equally taken to “Little House on the Hill,” and the two men immediately struck a deal to give the 92-year-old writer the shock of her life! Their plan came to fruition, and Lyndel could barely hold her excitement when she heard the “To All The Girls I've Loved Before” crooner belt out the lyrics. Buddy Canon said:

"It's a very personal song, so she was thrilled to hear it done right. She couldn't stop smiling, and her feet wouldn't stop wiggling! To get to see my mom's face as she heard, it was unbelievable."

As expected, Nelson gave the perfect rendition and had Lyndel beaming with joy as every fangirl would. What was even more delightful was when the award-winning singer told her that he loved the piece.


As evidenced by her son’s career as a music producer, the entire Rhodes family are music lovers. According to Lyndel, they particularly favored country music, and she was introduced to the genre as far back as when she was just a toddler. Lyndel looked pristine as she talked about how her father loved to play the banjo.

The 92-year-old, however, favors the harmonica and plays it beautifully well too. Being the avid music lover she was raised to be, Lyndel once made a CD recording of herself singing her soul out as she performed old-time songs.

It must be fulfilling for her to have an accomplished entertainer like Nelson play her song. Lyndel’s tale is indeed heartwarming and should inspire you never to give up.