Singer Monica Opens up to Toya Wright About Shannon Brown Divorce (Video)

Monica opened up on "T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle" about her decision to file for a divorce from Shannon Brown.

Singer Monica has been dealing with her divorce on her own, and her only confidante has been her mother, until now.

On May 20, 2019, Monica opened up to Toya Wright on  "T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle" about the end of her 8-year marriage to pro basketball player Shannon Brown.

“I’ve really been dealing with a lot on my own. My personal relationship is changing so tremendously, but with the exception of my mom, it’s not a conversation for me with anyone.” Monica


Monica revealed that the decision to file for the divorce was heartbreaking, and came after a lot of meditation on the relationship and her life.

The singer filed the divorce papers in Atlanta in March 2019, after rumors of infidelity and separation buzzed on the internet grape-viñe.


A tearful Monica revealed to Toya that she had never thought that her relationship with Brown would fail.

“I just didn’t expect to be a 38-year-old single mom of three. I didn’t expect to be in a place in my life to have to make a decision like this. This wasn’t in the plan. You want to have a relationship forever, but some things, they just don’t stand the test of time,” Monica said.

Monica shares two sons, Rocko and Romelo, with rapper Rodney "Rocko" Hill


Monica explained to Toya that her natural reserve had made her keep her silence about what she was going through, which increased her isolation.

“I don’t share enough, so people don’t know to check on me. They’ve literally been with me days and days at a time and have no idea; but then I feel like, ‘I ain’t getting checked on!’ How can I feel like I’m not being checked on when I didn’t tell you?” she explained.


Although Monica spoke to Toya about her decision to file for divorce, she did not reveal the motives for this decision.

Monica had previously denied rumors that stated that Brown had been unfaithful and fathered a child on another woman.

Brown, who shares 5-year-old Laiyah with Monica, has been equally silent about the reasons behind the celebrity divorce.


Fans of the singer thought their idol had finally got it right after a tragic and painful love life, but Monica has now filed for divorce from Shannon Brown.

Monica had met Brown in 2010 when she was looking for someone to play the love interest in her video for "Love All Over Me." Six months later they were married in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home.

In 2013, Monica gave birth to her third child, Laiyah Shannon, and it seemed that the marriage was solid, until 2018, when rumors of trouble started to surface.

Monica shares two sons, Rocko and Romelo, with rapper Rodney "Rocko" Hill whom she met shortly after her ex-boyfriend Jarvis Weems death.

Monica and Weems were together at his brother's gravesite when Weems, without warning, put a gun to his head and committed suicide.

The singer struggled for years to come to terms with his death and to learn to be happy again. Hopefully, she will overcome her latest heartbreak, and learn to smile again.