Gladys Knight Smiles While Cuddling Her Adorable Great-Grandson in Video

Gladys Knight proudly cuddles her baby great-grandson in a clip she recently shares. "There's no better feeling," she says. The singer has 10 great-grandchildren to date.

As great an impact her music has made in the industry, Gladys Knight will also be leaving a lasting legacy through her big family. The 74-year-old has three children, 17 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren to boast of.  


Gladys admits, “there’s no better feeling or gift than this,” referring to being a grandmother in a recent clip she shares. 

She’s holding one of her great-grandsons and she proudly says “this is my great-grandson,” as she cuddles the little baby in her arms. 


It’s unclear whose son the boy is but he stems from Gladys’ extensive family tree

She has three children born out of her four marriages. Her first marriage was to the late James “Jimmy” Newman. The couple tied the knot in the singer’s teens and had two children, James “Jimmy” Gaston Newman and Kenya Newman. The former, who became Gladys’ manager, died of heart failure in 1999 at the age of 37. 

Gladys had another son, Shanga Hankerson with producer Barry Hankerson who also happens to be the uncle of the late singer, Aaliyah. They were married from 1974 to 1979. Gladys was also married to motivational speaker Les Brown in 1995 and to her current husband, William McDowell in 2001.


Shanga made headlines in 2016 when his business, a chain of chicken and waffles restaurant called Gladys Knight and Ron Winans’ Chicken and Waffles was raided due to unpaid taxes. The ordeal caused a strain between Shanga and his mother who tried to cut ties from the restaurant by ordering her son to remove her name from it. Shanga refused and battled it out with her legally. Gladys eventually won the case.


Meanwhile, Gladys continues to wow audiences with her voice despite being a grandmother and surviving a bout with cancer. She recently graced this year’s Super Bowl when she sang the National Anthem. Gladys didn’t disappoint with her inspiring rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” that ushered in the match which saw the England Patriots beating the Los Angeles Rams. 


Gladys expressed her pride to be part of the annual event that was held in her hometown. 

“I am proud to use my voice to unite and represent our country in my hometown of Atlanta.”

The singer was previously criticized for accepting the invitation to sing at the Super Bowl due to the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick. However, she explained her decision to sing had nothing to do with Kaepernick but rather was an expression of her love for her country.