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‘The Voice’ Fans Expose the Show for Giving 'Unfair Advantage' to the Winner in the Finals

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 23, 2019
09:44 A.M.
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Maelyn Jarmon beat out three of an opposing team's members to win "The Voice" on Tuesday night, but viewers are calling out the show for giving her one unfair advantage in the finale.


With a count of three members, Blake Shelton's' team had a greater chance of coming out on top during "The Voice" season 16 finale. Of course, the winner was chosen based on their individual talent and merit.

So when Jarmon took home the trophy on the big night, fans were unsurprised. Jarmon had been praised for her powerful vocals since she made all four judges turn their chairs around at the start of her run on the show.


Furthermore, Shelton's contestants were all country singers, so their variety was limited. Gyth Rigdon was the runner-up, Dexter Roberts came out third, and Andrew Sevener placed fourth.

Amid Jarmon's congratulations, however, there were some who believed that she was given an unfair advantage that increased her chances of winning.

Jarmon was tasked with singing both the opening and closing for the show. Added to the solo, original and duet performances that each contestant showcased, it appeared to some that Jarmon was pre-selected even before the votes came in.


In direct response to a tweet from "The Voice," Kenna Kingston said:

"Thanks to your unfair advantage last night her and your Johnny boy won. Was that part of his contract? To make sure he won?"


In another tweet, the same person asked:

"Why does Maelyn get to open AND close the show @NBCTheVoice doesn’t seem fair @blakeshelton."


Meanwhile, Janna Snyder expressed similar remarks:

"Good to know that @NBCTheVoice has already picked the winner. They’ve been pushing really hard for her & Johnny boy since the beginning. She’s good but she didn’t push herself at all, all her songs sound the same."


One person brought proof that Jarmon was fully deserving of the win. Lori McManus referenced stats from the music charts:

"She’s leading on Apple Music charts plus her views on YouTube are off the charts. Please get over yourself."


Another user did a numbered rebuttal to the claims:

"1. @MaelynMusic is probably the best I’ve heard on @NBCTheVoice ever. 2. Going up against 3 country singers is an advantage not a disadvantage since the country vote was split between 3 choices (much like a national election)."


Some like Linda Villeneuve dismissed the criticism, saying that fans were "crying she is getting an advantage." In her opinion, "country contestants are too numerous" and Jarmon is "the total package."


Taylor Ann called the singer "an angel" and said the fact that she opened and closed the show was a "blessing." "We don't deserve you Maelyn," she concluded.

All in all, some said they would stop watching the show for good as a result of the perceived loss of integrity and unfairness, while many others will be tuning in for the show's return this Fall.