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'Chicago Fire' Leaves Fans in Tears after the Season Finale

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 23, 2019
04:46 P.M.
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Things overheated on the season 7 finale of "Chicago Fire" when old lovers reunited and fan favorites were left in grave danger as they battled deadly flames.


Fans of "Chicago Fire" were on the edge of their seats upon witnessing the cliffhanger ending on the episode titled "I'm Not Leaving You." But before that, there was a proposal and some steamy intimacy by a fireplace.

The episode followed the cold case of an arsonist which Severide's father worked on before his death and, subsequently, Severide himself took on. Additionally, Boden gives Casey an opportunity to reach out to Brett romantically with a plus-one invitation.


Boden has an event coming up and he encourages Casey to bring a plus one. But when Casey attempts to invite Brett, Herrmann and Ritter interrupt them to use Brett for some sensitivity training.

In the interim of that storyline, Severine and Stella make headway on the arsonist case and are led to Carol's home. Her husband lies about her presence at first, but then breaks down and gives in. The pair arrest Carol.

Upon their return to the station, Severide and Stella are praised for their work. Later that night, the chaplain Kyle reveals the news to Brett that he will be moving away due to a new job.


Brett is disappointed but happy for him. As Kyle departs, she has second thoughts about letting him go but is sidetracked when Casey shows up and expresses how happy he is for Brett and Kyle as a couple.

The words resonate with Brett, and the next morning when Kyle asks her to marry him, she says yes in front of the entire team. But before that, another reunion happens.


Stella goes over to Severide's home and there, he promises to be a better man for her. Stella is accepting, so much so that the two make love by the fireplace.

The show really brought the heat the next day when the team receives a call that a mattress factory is on fire. Almost everyone comes on board to help save workers, but some are trapped in a locked room.


Several main characters opt to risk their lives by going to the basement and the locked room. The scene gets even tenser when the boiler's pressure gauge starts to crack.

Half the team has no time to make it out, but fans won't know what really happens until fall 2019 when the show returns to NBC. Many have been tuned in since the show's start in 2012.


In February 2019, we learned that the cast members of the fiery drama actually put a lot of effort into making "Chicago Fire" as real as possible. According to ET, they wore the gear, kicked in doors, and even broken into cars with the "Jaws of Life" equipment for the sake of training for the show.

It all comes together in episodes like these, and like that of last month's episode called "Until The Weather Breaks." In the segment, a little boy is found at the station seemingly traumatized.

A stranger named John Grant also appears at the station and claims to be a Detroit firefighter. Soon enough, some members of the team uncover the truth about Grant and attempt to take him down. Once again, fans were left on the edge of their seats due to the intensity.