Jessa Duggar Sparks Heated Debate about Future Child's Gender with New Baby Bump Photo

The TLC star is soon to be a mother for the third time and is preparing for her baby. She recently posted a picture showing her baby bump on her Instagram page, leaving fans to argue over what gender the baby would be.

Jesse Duggar is heavily pregnant and will be due for delivery anytime soon. The expectant mother took to Instagram to show the world how much her baby bump has grown.

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31 weeks. Pardon the toothpaste splatters on the mirror. 😆 . Definitely a bit bigger than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Henry (who was born 8lbs 11oz), but smaller than I was with Spurgeon (who was born 9lbs 11oz). What can I say— those Duggar genes grow ‘em big. 😂 Besides the twins, my mom had all 8-9lb babies for the first half, and then 7-8lb babies for the second half. Most of the grand babies have been in the 8-9lb range so far, and one was a little over 10lb! 😳 Maybe we’ll end up somewhere in the middle this time. 😆🙈 . On another note, I’ve heard the old wives tale that heartburn in pregnancy means baby will be born with lots of hair. If there’s any truth in that, then this one ought to have a head full. 😂 I mean it could just be coincidence, but I had heartburn with Spurgeon too, and he was born with a decent amount of hair. 😄 Haha! Probably just has to do with specific foods in my diet more than anything. Anyone want to weigh in based on personal experience? 🤔 Also, any natural heartburn remedies that are recommended in pregnancy? ☺️

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However, she wasn’t expecting the debate that followed her picture as many fans who commented all tried to guess the gender of the incoming baby.  Jesse’s caption for her post was a long one, in which she announced that #BabySeewald3, her expected baby would be 38 weeks.

She also expressed surprise at how her pregnancy flew so fast, attesting the phenomenon to the presence of her two other children. She ended her caption by appreciating the apps that helped her to keep in tune with her baby’s growth and development.

She made particular mention of the app, “Pregnancy,” which she really loved. Many commenters to her post congratulated her and wished her safe delivery; others also commended her for looking amazing even with her pregnancy.

However, the highlight of the comments belonged to the fans who took it upon themselves to decipher the incoming baby’s gender. Some fans believe the baby would be a girl as Jesse’s baby bump looked higher placed while some others believed it would be a boy.

Some fans, however, tried their luck by asking Jesse if she knew the baby’s gender.  Jesse and her husband, Seewald, are keeping the gender of their expected baby under wraps as a surprise.

She replied to a fan who asked if her two children, Spurgeon and Henry, three and two-years-old respectively knew the gender of their expected sibling. She explained that they didn’t know and that the baby’s gender was only known to her and Seewald, as they wanted to surprise family members and fans.

The reality TV star joins other expectant mothers of the Duggar family such as Anna Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Kendra Caldwell and Lauren Duggar in what is already a long list. It is sure going to be a baby harvest in the Duggar Clan.

Fans would be wishing the 26-year-old a safe delivery when the day finally comes and will by then finally know the baby’s gender. 

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