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Man Decides to Leave the Wife He’s Been Married to for 50 Years

Pedro Marrero
May 24, 2019
07:13 A.M.
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A father and husband took one hard decision and his grown children reaction was all he was hoping for.


One day a man calls his eldest son to tell him that he has made a very important decision and wants to tell him how it will surely affect him.

The son listens carefully to what the father wants to tell him, assuring him that he has his full attention while speculating in his mind what may be so important for his father to call him so urgently.

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"You see son," says the father, "I have been married to your mother for many years, but I have decided to divorce her."

The son feels in shock and can't believe what his father says and asks:

"But Dad, what happened?"

The father answers very seriously:

"Son after so many years I realized that I really don't love your mother anymore, so I'm going to ask for a divorce."

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The son panicking says:

"But dad, how do you say that! You've been married to her for fifty years, you've raised us together, you've been through difficult times but you have a wonderful marriage."

"Yes," the father replies, "but I don’t love your mother anymore."

"Come on dad, you can’t say that, we both know you love mom," the son says desperate and about to cry.

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Finally, the son comes up with an idea:

"Dad, let's do something, don’t make any decision until we personally see you, my brothers and me. This situation deserves that we meet to talk calmly."

The father, not very convinced, says to the son with a doubtful voice:

"It's okay, son, I'm not going to say anything to your mother until I talk to you and your brothers personally."

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The son hangs up a little relieved and immediately calls all his brothers to meet at their parents' house. They agree to meet in two weeks with them.

After the eldest son called his father to confirm that all the brothers would be at home to talk to him in two weeks, the father hangs up the phone and goes to the other room and says at loud:

"Dear, wonderful news! ... All the kids will be at home this year to celebrate Christmas and the best part is that each one will pay for their own ticket."

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