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Ice-T Reveals He ‘Almost Shot’ an Amazon Delivery Guy

Kareena Koirala
May 26, 2019
11:06 A.M.

What do you do when a stranger creeps up to your front door? The American rapper Ice-T got a scare on Tuesday when an Amazon delivery person walked up to his door. The rapper said he almost shot the guy and Amazon should have a vest that says ‘Amazon delivery’ now that normal people are doing deliveries.


Tuesday evening could have ended in tragedy if Ice-T had made up his mind about shooting a potential burglar. In his defense, that would have been what anyone of us might have done in panic.


After the incident, the infuriated actor decided to call out Amazon on Twitter to express his grievances.

“Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it..... I almost shot an MF creeping up to my crib last night... Just sayin.” his Tweet read.

Although his actions seem a bit rash, it was not wrong of Ice-T to take the matter seriously. Many of his fans agreed that Amazon should at least provide vests to wear above normal clothes to let people know they are amazon delivery.

Some other people disagreed with him because the Amazon delivery service is just a side job for most of the people and it would be a hassle to change into a uniform.


“A lot of Amazon drivers do not work for Amazon. We are everyday people doing a side gig. We use our own cars and our own clothes.” a user wrote.


The realists came in support of the actor/rapper as one of them Tweeted, “I get that, but it's still kind of unsafe? The same way Uber/Lyft drivers have a sign provided for their own cars, something like that should given to you by the company so there aren't any misunderstandings.”

Of course, Amazon help was quick to get on the issue and clarified that they would like to solve the issue as soon as possible.

“Thanks for reaching out with your feedback! I'd like to escalate this to our Logistics Team for review; please leave us your details here: https://amzn.to/2VFPbns, and we'll be in touch with you soon! ^PF.” they replied.

The actor has earned his place in the hearts of many people of various different genres like rap enthusiasts and movie fanatics. He paid homage to the creators of ‘Law and Order: SVU’ when the show was renewed for season 21 ,making it the longest running drama in television history.

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