Single Dad Breaks Silence on How He Discovered Wife’s Multiple Affairs

Seth Megow passionately detailed his experience with an unfaithful wife who, he found, had continuously engaged in illicit affairs.

Seth and Crissy were together for ten years, and they enjoyed a fairytale-like marriage. The Georgia native described the first eight years as “pure bliss” also noting that “there was immense trust,” and that they never lied to each other.


“When I say there was a lot of trust, I’m underselling it.”

Theirs was indeed a match made in heaven as they blossomed ever since they first met, aged 19. The couple went on to become the model American family, raising their four children and, buying a home. They even counseled other young couples!

Unfortunately, it didn't last too long, and according to the father of four, things started getting sour at about the ninth year. Seth explained that, much like accounts from people who have been cheated on, he just felt that something wasn't right about their relationship.


“We were still going strong. In my mind, I figured it was just the stress of work, raising four kids, or our new home that was giving me these flickers of concern. She was in avoidance mode, and I was in detective mode.”

Things took a sharp dive when Crissy stopped coming home at night for many days in a row, leaving Seth suspicious. He, however, chose to keep his faith and reassured himself that it was all just a “misunderstanding.”

Then the inevitable came when Crissy left her phone unlocked and her Facebook open. Seth was devastated going through the many messages that all show the mother of four had numerous affairs.  

He particularly noticed Crissy had a long-term boyfriend and he explained that it was the most shocking of his findings.


“It was the one long term boyfriend that hurt me the most. That’s because she shared much more than her body with him… she shared her heart.”

It has been four years since the couple parted ways. Seth is now a single parent allowing Crissy to have the freedom she always wanted. Seth passionately spoke about the lessons he's learned from the difficult time so far.

He said:

“Over the past four years since my divorce and living life as a full-time single dad of four, I learned that through heartbreak and hardships we receive this amazing gift of compassion if we choose to embrace it.”

If you thought Seth’s story was sad, wait till you read about this man who found out his wife had been cheating on him for two years and with an engaged friend of theirs at that! And another woman who caught her ex-boyfriend stealing from her and spending it on his new girlfriend.

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