Jamie Foxx Appeared in 'All in the Family' Remake and Hilariously Mixed up His Line

Comfort Omovre
May 26, 2019
05:52 P.M.
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Jamie Foxx appeared on the live TV remake of "All in the Family" and mixed up his lines in a funny way. His comeback was even more entertaining and epic.


When Jimmy Kimmel announced that he had plans to host "Live in Front of A Studio Audience," in honor of Norman Lear, viewers didn't know it was going to be an epic comedy show.


The show featured two live stage remakes of Lear's favorite sitcoms — "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons." Jamie Foxx appeared in the former as "George Jefferson."

He started his lines well, telling Bunker that he would get out as soon as he addressed his brother. He walked up to "Uncle Henry" — played by Anthony Anderson, and told him all he wanted since he was a little boy was for his mother to give him a little brother, but since they were broke, all they could afford was …Foxx stuttered at this point, mixing his lines with mumblings.


He realized what was happening, and turned to his castmates saying,

"It's live! Everyone sitting at home is thinking the TV just messed up."

The statement got a loud ovation from the studio audience, and the iconic comedian smiled at himself, did a little dance while looking at Anderson, and finally delivered his punchline:

"We were so broke, and all we could afford was you."

"ABC" network tweeted a video of the mix-up writing, "We said anything could happen." The video has gotten thousands of retweets and followers of the TV station think Foxx is the king of comebacks, calling him amazing and a champ.


The actor's mix-up also had his castmates trying very hard not to laugh, but Woody Harrelson — he played "Archie Bunker" — could not control his himself, and he turned away to let it out.

Ike Barinholtz and Ellie Kemper, "Mike and Gloria Stivic," enjoyed the moment grinning, while Wanda Sykes and Marisa Tomei, "Weezy Jefferson and Edith Bunker," maintained their composure.


Jennifer Hudson gave a surprise performance of the theme song of "The Jeffersons" while Maria Gibbs appeared as "Florence Johnston" — the role she played in the original series for eleven years.

Foxx has always been an iconic entertainer, and his daughter, Connie Foxx, followed his steps into the world of fame, but as a model. Connie recently spoke on her father's relationship with his girlfriend of six years, Katie Holmes.

According to "ET," she said the couple is very happy together. The young model described the actor's relationship with the mother-of-one as "Wonderful" and revealed she is getting to know her; they went to the movies together last month and got along quite well.