Marie Osmond Shares Pictures from Babyshower in Honor of Her Daughter Rachael

On Sunday, Marie Osmond’s daughter-in-law threw the singer’s daughter a baby shower. The next day, the musician shared images from the event on social media.

Marie Osmond revealed on Monday that her daughter-in-law, Claire, had been kind enough to throw a baby shower for her pregnant daughter, Rachel. The singer revealed that was how she spent time with friends and family during the Memorial Day weekend.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, she shared how the event had “reminded me to count my blessings.” The singer noted the effort her daughter-in-law had put in to make the event special for Rachel.

Osmond revealed that “the attention to detail brought tears to Rachael‘s eyes!” Her daughter also shared many times how much she felt “so loved!”

"The time with friends & family reminded me to count my blessings this #MemorialDay weekend."

The musician revealed to her fans that Rachael was due in a few weeks. She also shared the child’s gender writing: “yes it’s a boy…”

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I absolutely love this picture, look at my sweet husband and darling grandkids, and now we have two more on the way! It’s so thrilling but I have to be honest with you, when I looked at this picture I thought, “where has time gone? Wasn’t it yesterday these sweet little ones were my own children?” I’m so thrilled my kids are married to wonderful people and have started families of their own, there’s no greater joy on earth... But... Where did the time go? Time is something we talk about ALL THE TIME! For instance: Do you have time? What time is it? Let’s make time. I don’t have time right now. Time is of the essence. It’s time to go! It’s about time! Time’s up! There’s more... but what I do know about time is God gave ALL of us the same amount of minutes in every hour. Those minutes are the same no matter if you’re at work, cleaning the house or sitting through a movie... but they can sure feel different, don’t they? I certainly can’t slow time down (believe me I’ve wished for it) but I can do things that will make my time more meaningful... and I want to stress this as strongly as I can, you do not have to do huge things to have meaningful experiences with other people! There were many times the Savior changed someone’s life just by giving people a “moment” of His time. He was never in a hurry when it came to ministering to people. His apostles sometimes tried to keep him moving on to the next place but the Savior knew something very important about time... it was His to give. He could offer people very little in the way of material things, but he did have time, and He gave it freely! Go to my website to read the rest of my #SundayMessage and a special conversation with my son Matthew. 👍😊 #TimeFlies #HappySunday

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Osmond was lucky enough to have most of her children at the event. She opened up about how when Rachel was opening gifts she “stopped for a moment to take it all in.”

The star noted

“From where I was sitting on the couch, holding my youngest grandson Maxwell, I could feel the joy. I locked that moment in my heart because it was absolute bliss. Seeing my children celebrating their sister becoming a mom again brought me such joy! Also being surrounded by them and my amazing friends, gave me even more reason to count my blessings.”

She also touched on the 11-year long Las Vegas show she had with her brother, Donny Osmond. The singer shared her appreciation for her fans and the stories they told her.

Osmond confessed

“Your stories have touched my heart and have helped me heal when I needed it most. I hope as we have shared these times together you have felt my love for you and maybe a little helpful advice when I could. Thank you!!!”

She asked people to celebrate Memorial Day by remembering “all those who have served our country to provide us our glorious freedoms.” The musician noted how the day was extra special and blessed “because of them.”

She then advised everyone to go to their families and call their best friends to “thank them for being in your life.” Osmond ended her post by asking her fans to not forget to thank God “for one more day to count our blessings! #Happy #Sunday!”

Last week Thursday, the singer revealed that her other daughter, Brianna Blosil Schwep, 21, and her cinematographer husband Dave Schwep, 42, had welcomed a baby girl.

However, she hinted something wasn’t quite right when she asked for prayers for the little girl: 

“My daughter, Brianna, gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Mom is doing well and my granddaughter is currently in a pediatric ICU. Thankfully, the prognosis looks great for our little angel. We are grateful she is in exceptional hands with her team of doctors and nurses. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.”

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