Ellen DeGeneres' Mom Once Explained Why She Doesn't See Babies in Her Daughter's Future

Ellen DeGeneres' Mom is not expecting any child from her daughter’s union with Portia de Rossi. She shared her thoughts in a brief interview at this year’s Los Angeles Gala Dinner.

If you still believe that Ellen DeGeneres and wife, Portia de Rossi would have kids anytime soon, then that belief would have to give way to doubt. With the revelations of Ellen’s mother, Betty DeGeneres, that is never going to happen.

Speaking to "US Magazine" at the Los Angeles Gala Dinner, the comedian’s mother explained that Ellen has far too much class for that to happen. Her revelation echoed Ellen’s thoughts when she was asked about having children sometime in 2015.

She then explained that though she loved children a whole lot, she didn’t imagine herself having one anytime soon. She explained that children were a whole lot of commitment, which she didn’t feel she was ready for.

She further joked that if she had a child, she may not even like the kid, or may not be satisfied with the way the child looks or may continuously compare the child with other children.

Ellen and Portia also talked about the issue of children and decided that they wouldn’t want to have their conversations interrupted or have their furniture spiked with sticky juice.

She revealed this while on an interview with Australia’s Sunday Style magazine. The famous TV talk show host also explained that having kids in the spotlight may not be fair on the kids as they may find it hard to share their parents with the world.

While the famous Hollywood couple seems hell-bent on not having any children, they at least love their pets. As for Ellen’s mom, she enjoys the time she spends with the couple.

She is part and parcel of them and speaks to them on the phone every day.  She is also fond of Portia and says the decorations on the walls of her condo were all done by her. Betty has followed her daughter’s show since it started and used to be part of the audience every day for the first three seasons.

Ellen, 61 and Portia, 46 were married in 2008 after dating for four years. While fans may be disappointed with their decision to not have children, they can at least take solace in their fun-filled and charming union.