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Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video of 1-Year-Old Daughter's Last Minutes before Donating Her Organs

Comfort Omovre
Jun 01, 2019
11:49 A.M.
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A soul piercing video goes viral after its content shows the superhero moments of a comatose one-year-old.


A courageous mom shared the heartrending final moments of her baby daughter, who passed on after contracting a viral infection. In the video, which she shared on YouTube, hospital staff stood around in an intensive care unit as they surrounded the little girl.


The atmosphere was pensive as little Coralynn’s final moments was filmed. As the surgical team proceeded to wheel her off to the surgical unit, nurses and doctors who stood around started singing the “Amazing Grace” song. 

A GoFundMe account was created by the little girl’s aunt, Melissa Brevig, a few days before the development. Coralynn’s parents, Meagan and Paul Sobolik brought their one-year-old daughter who developed breathing complications to Cresco Medical. 

Doctors at Cresco Medical, however, transferred Cora to Mayo Clinic Hospital, Rochester for further treatments. To carry out a harmless transfer, they decided to sedate the little girl. The process went south as Cora’s heart suddenly stopped to which the physicians in charge put in work to revive her.


After Cora came to and arrived at Mayo Clinic Hospital, her health didn’t get any better as doctors recorded that her brain was beginning to swell. The news was quite devastating, but Cora’s parents kept their hopes up. Doctors in charge, however, confirmed her brain-dead on April 21.

Speaking with “PEOPLE,” Meagan recounted how crushed she felt as she heard the heartbreaking news. Sobolik had broken down and wept profusely as the realization sunk in. “I then felt numb and felt empty,” the brave mom said.


Deciding to go humanitarian, Coralynn’s parents chose to make their baby daughter a legacy as they nobly donated her organs to save lives. Meagan said:

"When we knew that she wasn’t ever going to wake and that she was gone mentally, we knew that she would want her organs to help people in need.” 

She went on as she commended the hospital staff who stood by the couple through the sad moments. Sobolik added: 

“The nursing staff was amazing to us … They gave us so much comfort and support while we were there, it was amazing.”


Meagan added that she hoped Cora’s story would further inspire millions of people to recognize such good cause. She said:

“Cora is our little superhero, and I believe is becoming an inspiration for millions of people and also helping to raise awareness for organ donation all over the world.” 

Coralynn’s parents console themselves with the good health of her beneficiaries.