Eric Church Remembers the Health Crisis That Nearly Killed Him: ‘I Was Going to Die’

Comfort Omovre
Jun 01, 2019
11:52 A.M.
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Eric Church remains one of country music’s greatest talents. However, all was not rosy for him in the past as he went through a severe health crisis. In an interview, he recounts the ordeal which almost made him lose his life.


Eric Church granted an interview with Rolling Stone Country Magazine in which he spoke about issues bordering in gun control, the evolution of country music, as well as other issues.


The highlight of the interview was his revelation about his health crisis, a difficult period of his life. It was so difficult that Eric almost lost his life.


Anyone who likens Eric to a lucky survivor won’t be far from right. The highly successful has had a fair share of health battles and admitted that one of such battles made him feel he was going to die.

In 2017, he went into an emergency surgical operation to save his life. Church noticed a strange shaking of his hand as he concluded his world tour. Initially, the Platinum album selling star felt it was nothing but nerves and brushed it off.


Later in June of that year, Eric experienced the same thing, but this time, he noticed that his left arm was unresponsive and that his arm had become red and swollen.

At that point, he remembered hearing about people who suffered from thrombosis in airplanes. He then checked on Google and discovered he had all of the symptoms of the condition.


Eric quickly drove himself to the hospital, but the first one he got to told him they needed to perform an ultrasound on him and couldn’t do it. He drove to another one, and at that time, he already thought the worst could happen.

He was diagnosed with having a blood clot in his chest, a condition he had from birth, and the doctors thought he was not going to make it. He went through surgery, and it was successful.

After a brief recovery, he was prepped for another surgery to remove his top rib. After the surgery, Eric went through a lengthy recovery and was back on his feet, doing what he does best.


The doctors told Eric that he was lucky to be alive as they all felt he wasn’t going to make it. They explained that most people with his condition discovered in their 20s, that at his age, most people rarely survived it, and usually fell over in the shower.