Newlyweds Idris Elba and wife Sabrina dress up in traditional Somali attire

Idris Elba rocks a Somalian sarong as he celebrates Ramadan with his brand new wife. The couple who married last month looked like an African King and Queen in a photo from the occasion.

Idris Elba went from Sexiest Man Alive to happiest husband alive within a span of six months and now we’re seeing the results of that transformation. In a recent photo on social media, the actor and his new wife, Sabrina Dhowre appear to be basking in wedded bliss making new memories together. 


Just a month after the couple wed in Morocco, The Shade Room captured an Instagram Story of the newlyweds celebrating Ramadan. They wore traditional Somali outfits as a nod to the former Miss Vancouver’s roots. 

Sabrina looked lovely wearing an orange wrap dress with yellow accessories while Idris donned what appeared to be a checkered green sarong around his waist matched with a white shirt. He wore a scarf around his neck and an embroidered cap on his head known to Somalians as a koofiyad.

“Happy holidays,” the caption read, along with the words “Ramadan vibes,” below. It’s unclear where the couple were at the time but we suspect they traveled to Sabrina’s hometown to celebrate the occasion.

Fans appreciated their photo describing the pair as an African King and Queen.

“He looks so happy. I’m hurt but he’s happy. I’m here for it,” one fan wrote, conceding to the fact that Idris is in a better place because of Sabrina. 


Many women were envious of the 29-year-old when she accepted Idris’ proposal for marriage back in February 2018. How could she say no to a man who gets down on one knee and proposes in front of an audience at a movie premiere? No woman would. 


Even more ladies’ hearts were broken when the couple culminated their engagement with a beautiful Moroccan wedding in April. Sabrina looked lovely in both her Vera Wang gowns while Idris gave justice to his Sexiest Man Alive title wearing a bespoke suit. It was a three-day affair that saw guests being treated to elegant activities including a “colors of the souk” dinner and an all-white party. 


Photos from the occasion flooded the Internet and it was clear Idris’ future promises a lot of love. Many may not be 100% happy about this, but for Idris to give up his vow to never marry again, Sabrina must have given him a perfectly good reason.  

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