Susan Boyle Performs 'Stand By Me' (Video)

Susan Boyle has released a stunning and passionate performance video for her rendition of Ben E. King's classic hit single, “Stand By Me.”

The “Britain's Got Talent” star, as the media popularly describes her, released the video on May 23 and thus far, it has amassed well over 327k views, and about 11k likes evidencing how amazing her rendition is.

Boyle is a very talented singer known to have a tune of her very own. Her version of the popular ‘60s “Stand By Me” leaves viewers awestruck as is the norm with most of her performances.

The video shows the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a singer and likes watching music performances on an old black-and-white TV while her mother sleeps — the video peaks when the girl finally gets the chance to sing.

Her mother takes her backstage to a theatre and admonishes her to step out and experience performing for herself. The beautiful story is the perfect fit for the inspirational lyrics Boyle, wearing a shiny black dress, is shown soulfully singing on stage.

Boyle came to recognition during the third season of “Britain's Got Talents.” Although she emerged second place, her voice was an unforgettable one, and she plunged into fame with the release of her debut album the same year, 2009.

Ever since, the 58-year-old has become a popular figure in the music industry, having won several awards. Age is nothing but a number for Boyle who teased the release of “Stand By Me” earlier this month on Instagram. It was a photo of numerous cameramen at work, and she posted a message to accompany it.  She wrote:

 “Susan has something exciting in the works for you all... keep your eyes peeled!”

Her version of the song is a beautiful watch, and it will reportedly feature on Boyle’s yet-to-be-released album, “Ten.” The Ben E. King song has been covered several times by famous singers like John Lennon and Tracy Chapman, and Boyle is now an honorable mention on the list.

The release comes just about the time of her marking the tenth anniversary of her “Britain's Got Talent” appearance, and it is heartwarming to find that she is still so widely loved and appreciated.

Boyle, who is known to be very reserved, is enjoying her time making new music and just generally having the best time ever. While speaking to “The Sun,” she said:

“I thought about the things I’ve missed out on before. “I’m approaching 60 but who cares. I live a comfortable life and deserve to enjoy it. Mum never had enough money for a bike.”

With seemingly no care for her aging body, the “I Dreamed A Dream” crooner recently disclosed that she had made a bucket list of things she wants to do before clocking 60. Hope she shares photos!