‘The Chi’ Showrunner Gives Details on Jason Mitchell's Alleged Sexual Misconduct

"The Chi" showrunner revealed what went down in the sexual allegations against Jason Mitchell, and it seems more people knew what was going on.

Ayanna Floyd, worked as the showrunner of "Showtime's" hit series "The Chi" for a season until she quit recently due to the sexual allegations against Jason Mitchell going unchecked.

In a statement released to "The Hollywood Reporter," she revealed that she is not returning for season three. Floyd said when she got on the show, the executive producer and creator, Lena Waithe, informed her of the conflict between Mitchell and his co-star, Tiffany Boone.

The former showrunner stated that when she discovered the conflict bordered on inappropriate conducts by the actor, she reported him to the HR department of the studio, but they did nothing about it.

Floyd said since his attitude went unchecked, she did what she could to manage the situation, and went as far as telling an actress to report him to the HR department. As a result of her meddling, Mitchell targeted her, and she became a recipient of his anger and inappropriate behavior.

"Showtime" denied having knowledge of the facts, pointing out that "Fox 21" a recording studio was in charge of production. The former Showrunner debunked this, stating that everyone knew about Mitchell's inappropriateness but turned a blind eye.

The lack of action from those in charge and Waithe led to Floyd quitting after the second season. Boone who starred as the actor's girlfriend also left the show as the environment was no longer conducive for the actress. 

After her departure, Mitchell got fired from the series, although the studio did not state the reason they let the actor go. His departure from "The Chi" came after "Netflix" released him from starring in the upcoming movie "Desperado," where he was to play the lead role.

 Although the online streaming network did not expressly state why they dropped the actor, a producer of the film said they got some information about an alleged off-set allegation. Waithe is also silent about the allegations, but she said she wished Boone the best, calling her "a good and extremely courageous woman."

The show's creator is equally not losing sleep on the allegations, as she focuses on getting back to work for season three. Mitchell is yet to make any comment; however, as the world continues to support the "Me Too Movement," it is unlikely that the actor would be back on any movie or TV set anytime soon.